Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Let's have a little talk, shall we....
Sometimes people do Stupid things and it affects only them. Sometimes people do Stupid thing and it affects a few people.
Sometimes people do INSANELY STUPID THINGS and it affects A LOT OF PEOPLE!! (click on link, read and watch video, then resume reading my blog!)

Are ya back? OK.. now ......

So, Sonya came to visit right... and last night I had to get her to the airport. Traffic was super heavy and we (finally) got to the ramp to get on the expressway towards the airport and it was closed! So we make a BIG circle and head back towards where we came from and I try and find an alternate way to the airport. Now, I'm not THAT familiar with back roads in the city yet to find the quickest and easiest route to places when I'm in a HURRY! So, long story short, a less than 10 minute drive to the airport took 45 minutes!! We got to the airport, Sonya's plane was to leave in 25 minutes, and they wouldn't let her go. Said she had to be there 30 minutes before hand. Now...I did not KNOW I had to plan for someone making a weird decision to pull a gun on a Secret Service man. I just didn't think that far in advance. Actually, it NEVER CROSSED MY MIND!

SO.....we swing back around to the airport (I was smart and pulled in a gas station and waited for Sonya to call me to tell me whether or not she got on the plane, NOW I'M THINKING! ha!) We get Sonya back in the car and the first thing out of Nathan's mouth is, "Sonya, I told you to go home!" My children, so polite!
So Sonya and I plan for the ride in the morning, what time to get up and such for her to make a 6:10am flight. We mention Dunkin Donuts. Again, Nathan pipes in, "I told you to go home. I want Dunkin' Donuts!" Talk about selective hearing. :o)
I enjoyed having Sonya here over the weekend. We had a great time together. It was a treat to have a visitor from home here for a couple days and share her with my knitting friends here. I doubt her husband and children will EVER let her fly here again to see me unless we promise that Brent drives her to the airport instead of me. haha!!
OK and now some pictures of the weekend at Grandview. I'll hit the highlights and spare you the drama of Bob. If you wanna read more about Bob, you can read about him on Laurin's blog. :)

Here is Sonya and Lisa, Laurin's very cool friend. I just love this lady! She just that cool!
Here's me (can you see up my nose?) and Sarah
I started my first ever (full size) sweater! This is the Olive Yoga Hoodie from Yarn.com. A little funny about this. I was telling Melissa about this Sunday night when she came over to visit and I called it the Olive Yoga Garden Hoodie. OOPS! LOL Sound Familiar to anyone?? Gina?? tee hee

A picture of some of the group knitting before we left Sunday.
A BIG HUGE ***THANK YOU*** to the Blogless Sarah for driving and letting me and Sonya hitch a ride with her and the other gals! I enjoyed spending time with you gals!
Everyone send out good vibes to three of my fellow Manchvegans who had some illness and bad news fall upon them while they were there. These three gals are good friends and I want things to get better for them. You don't need to know their names, just know they're good people and need your thoughts and prayers.


Nikkiana said...

What airline was she flying that told her that? We had a late to the airport ordeal ourselves this morning and I think he got to the airport 15 minutes before his flight and they still let him on.

Lapdog Creations said...

Hope everyone is ok.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts going out; hope everything is okay!

Sonya said...

Yep I made it. I flew on Continental. It was an interesting weekend to say the least. Oh and Bob is not welcome next time.

yarnophiliac said...

Oh man! Sonya's kids must have been going crazy! What a bummer. I've been waiting with baited breath for the answer to the riddle, by the way. Too funny.

Caroline said...

Holy Cow! As if Sonya didn't have enough stories to take back with her. That one certainly caps the weekend. I enjoyed meeting her and I'm glad she got home safe.

Laurin said...

argh! yet another reason why I haven't flown for more than 7 years!! what a bummer! but I am glad that Sonya had a good trip, despite the challenges. she is a TRIP.

Sarah said...

I think I can see a boog up your nose in that photo of us.

Stacy said...

now THAT's a roadtrip haha!!

Gina House said...

OMG...airport stuff is always the pits. What a hassle! Poor Sonya!

The pics from the trip look great and we did have some good times, didn't we?

Can't wait to see what mittens you make this month and LOVE that "olive yoga garden" hoodie...LOL!