Sunday, October 30, 2005

Happy Day before Halloween. I tried to take the boys to a halloween party last night but Jacob got scared, so after a bowl of chili we came home. ALL that dressing up for 30 minutes...whew! Hopefully Trick or Treating will go smoother!
Brent and I took the boys to the park today near the University of Louisville. It's a beautiful day out side here in KY. Jacob played tag with some of the other park kids. It was cute. Nathan just roamed around greeting people, "HI!" I think he even wanted to take a nap at one point.

Silly kiddo.

Here's Jakey-boy swinging.

Friday, October 28, 2005

HEY!!! I figured out how to get a picture on here. This is an older picture. Nathan was just 3 months old.

I have a blog I started on but that my change over to here if I can work with the pictures now.

I'll be posting things I knit or bead on here. Silly stories about my fmaily and such.

Here we go... happily bloggin away.