Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!
Nathan had a little program at school yesterday and he was one of the pilgrims. Mighty cute pilgrim!!
Nathan also made a Turkey. Now this has the be the cutest turkey idea I've seen!! Yep, you got it, that's a potato!

His eyes are healing find and still looking good. He's just looking at me funny in that picture. :o)
Jacob is thankful for the 4 day weekend and has already started his own count down to Christmas. Every day I get an update on how many days are left before stress there. (HUSH CHILD!! UUUhhhh!)
What ever you do today, I hope you are safe, happy, loved and Thankful.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I am cracking up!!

This picture of my parents is just cracking me up!!! They went to the Smokey Mountians last week with some friends and emailed me some pictures. This one was too good not to share! They are such fun people!

Friday, November 14, 2008

A wild and crazy week.

Well Mr. Bean had his eye surgery yesterday. It was a LONG day. The surgery took only 1.5 hours of the whole LONG day, but I must say that was the most stressful time. Think about it. We've met the Dr. who was doing the procedure twice. All the other people in there, yeah, NEVER seen them before. How it is that we turn our children over to total strangers during times like this, but for a night out for dinner, we really want to know the person babysitting our child? It's a scary thing.
Mr. Bean was a trooper! He didn't have any sickness from the anesthesia (thank goodness), and today he's full of energy! Know's wearing me out....know what else... I am not going to complain, my child feels good and is happy today. I couldn't ask for more! :o)
Below is a before picture that shows you the amount of turn in his eye. The two pictures below are pictures from today. Still a LOT of red in the eyes, but that is to be expected. But look!! He still has the most beautiful eyes!!

Ah, Mr. Bean.... how I adore you! (yes mother, I know...he needs a haircut.)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Friday, November 07, 2008

Ready for a good time??

Yes it's that time of year again. I pack up every thing related to my knitting and a change of underwear and head off for a weekend with the girls! This year we are heading to Vermont. I am so excited and look for a chance to relax some before next weeks surgery with Nathan! I need the down time after all the phone calls yesterday to the insurance company and dr's office and billing dept of the hospital.
I am riding in the party van again this year. Sarah (who is blogless) will be carting our wine drinking butts up there (bless her heart!). No doubt she'll get us there in record time. OH I say weekend with the girls but there will be one guy there. Boy is he in for a wild weekend. haha. I'm sure he'll get more info than he ever wished over this weekend, but then again, he's used to us.

OH I need to charge the batteries in my camera!
OK. they are on the charger.
I will be making the tequila balls I made in the previous years. I wasn't going to until Sarah told me I couldn't ride in the van unless I made them. pressure there! haha
I'll be working on a sweater and a baby blanket for our friends in Rhode Island.
Hopefully when I get back, I can blog that ONE of those projects got finished. Here's hoping!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A wonderful day.

Yesterday we played in the leaves. It was so pretty outside we could not let it go to waste in the house all day.

No knitting to show right now. Things are slow in that area. We have been preparing for an upcoming surgery. Nathan will be having surgery on his eyes the 13th. Keep us in your thoughts on that day.