Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wish You Were Here!!
We went to Hampton Beach yesterday afternoon. The beach was open wide. Some people were there but it was not crowded at all! There was a nice windy breeze. The boys played in the water even though it was freeeeeeeeeezeing. I just walked on the cold sand and one of my toes went numb! Ha Ha!
We ran across some cool sand art. There was a Witch, a pumpkin, and this cool spider. I love Halloween so I just had to get a picture of this.
Brent and I took our own picture because the boys were too busy to snap one. I think the reflection in my glasses of our arms is pretty neat.
I'm so glad fall is here and then I'm not. Fall is my favorite season. There's pretty much one reason it makes me sad too: "FAMILY". October is a busy month for my family back in Kentucky. For example, today (even though it's still Sept) my father's side of the family is gathering for a family reunion. In the next couple weeks my mother's side of the family will gather for a family reunion too. 1 aunt, 7 uncles and all their kids and grand kids and.... let's just say there's lots of people there! Oh if I could only have one of Aunt Lorene's Apple Fritters.....yummmm. I also found out that my Uncle and his family that lives in Florida will be there too and I haven't seen them in a long time!! It's the uncle that Jacob got his middle name from. In addition, the same weekend of my mother's family reunion, my parents host a day in the country for our friends and they have a hayride, play volleyball, fly kites and such on our land in Grayson County, KY. So I guess that's why I'm a tad homesick eh?? Good thing I have two boys and packing to keep me busy during this time.

Friday, September 28, 2007

FO Friday Bunny cuddle Buddy, just needs a face.
Ball Band dish cloth.... or... Christmas Spewed... Either way you want to look at it... :o)
Hey don't forget I have some CUTE BAGS over in my esty shop waiting for a good home! :) Spread the word.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's Thursday!! That's means tonight is the new season of Grey's Anatomy!!!! WOOHOO!! So in preparation I watched Private Practice online today with Sonya on (Love watching shows online!) Private Practice is a spin off of Grey's and I like it! So Addison, yeah I'm talkin' like I know her, was dancing to this song at the beginning of the show by Scissor Sisters called "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'." Oh My GOSH!! How can you NOT DANCE when you hear this song!!! I've been watching it over and over on youtube, ok I watched it once and the other 8 times I've been dancing. Nathan told me "Mommy, you can't dance...I'm watching Charlie and Lola"..... beats me..I have NO idea what the two have to do with each other. haha! OK so watch the video, then play it again and tell me if you get up and dance. Come on...Dance with me. I'm sure the neighbors next door are laughing their butts off at me dancing, but I don't care!! As that little saying goes, "Dance like no one is watching" and that's what I do! Tomorrow I'll have two more FO's (finished objects) to show you in the knitting front! Now... DANCE!

Ericka, I am so KARAOKING this next time we go out! LOL

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jaywalkers - FINISHED!
Lorna's Lace - Jungle Stripe Shepherd Sock

Size 1 needles - two at once on one needle.
Nathan wanted to try the socks on. Now I know how to make knee socks for the boys! haha!
Love the colors!! Now....what to knit next? Any suggestions?? Something other than a sock....I need a sock break.
Here are my choices that I am considering:
Wicked or Olive Branch Yoga Hoodie.
I don't have the yarn for either project so it's up in the air. I have the Wicked pattern, but I don't have the Yoga hoodie pattern yet.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Hi...remember me? Sonya said I needed to blog. So here's the scoop.
We're packing. We're moving. We found a duplex two streets over and two streets up, first floor, YARD!!!, screened in back porch, GARAGE!, and it's beautiful!! Don't know yet when we'll move..haven't got the final GET OUT from the current landlord, but I guess it will be by Nov. 1st so he has time to rent it out. I was hoping to be at the new house before Halloween, so we'll see. ok here's the weekend in review.

Friday night I went to Windam to Yarn and Fiber to knit with Gina while she worked and some of the other Manchvegas group showed up. Ericka brought yummy Cookies and Cream cupcakes and I was FORCED to bring them home...ok ok not forced, I was happy to take them! They were good. The BOYS LOVED THEM!! Thank you Ericka. Above is Mr. Bean enjoying his.
Saturday morning Jacob had a soccer game and then Saturday afternoon, Brent's band played at a party at someones house out in Weare, NH. Where? Weare. Oh there... (haha joke, get it?)
It was a very nice place with lots of land for the boys to run on. We had a great time and MAN that guy there could cook up some AWESOME RIBS!!
Nathan played a little golf (Like my shadow?)
Jacob played volley ball, soccer, you name it...he did it that day.
Nathan tried to sit down and support daddy's band by listening, but I think they were a bit too loud for his taste. :)Sunday ended the week with giving Lincoln a bath. Now he smells.....somewhat better.
Other than that...we are still us doing the same thing. Jacob has soccer practice tonight and then we have open house at his school. Should be a busy evening.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lady Eleanor is finished. Started Dec06/Jan07. Finished Sept 15, 2007
9 skiens of Silk Garden in 208, 213 and 288 (3 of each) On size US9 needles
I love it!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Oh how I love thee, fun fabric and sewing machine! I just added some new bags to the etsy store! Take a look, spread the word! :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

My beaded face for the contest is done. I have drawn a name out of a bowl from my list of comments who told me they posted on their blogs (It was fun to read them!) And the winner is:
Grace of Grace Beading is the winner!! She will receive the purple and orange face pictured below! Thanks to everyone for playing.
The other two faces below will go to Carol for the Swap. I may try to make one more to send in, but if not..two is alright by me. :)

This past Saturday Jacob had his first soccer game. Although his team did not win, Jacob and all his team mates did a GREAT job!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Knitters Virtual Vacation Swap had arrived! I *went* to New Jersey! The Garden State (also one of my favorite movies!) Thanks to Frances for the goodies.
In the packages was some Almond Butter Brittle, Apple Butter Spread, note cards, candles, crisp cookies, a book "It Happened in New Jersey", A visor and cozy for my diet cherry coke, HAND MADE SOAP by Frances herself! and 2 skeins of some beautiful hand painted fingering yarn that's 100% wool and SUPER SOFT from Shelridge Farms (in Canada). Thank you Frances!! I'm eating some of the Almond Butter Brittle right now as I post...yum!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

First day of Second grade AND his SEVENTH birthday! Here is Jacob ready to go to school yesterday. FINALLY my kid is in school. LOL I feel like I've been reading blogs for months now of other kids going to school and here I sit with a kid still here. Well, NO MORE! He's out of the house and on his merry way.
After dropping Jake off at school, Nathan and I did some running around. We went by the $1 store to just play and browse (and I needed a drain stopper for my kitchen sink!) Nathan found this very Pimp worthy hat!! I am SO glad I had my camera in my purse!! I didn't buy it...but now that I'm looking at this picture, I so want to go back and get it.
After Jacob got home from school we had about 15 minutes to regroup and then it was off to Cub Scouts. While Jake was at Cub Scouts I made him a birthday cake. I went knitting last night, yes on his birthday, he received THREE new PS2 games and I wasn't in the mood to stare at the back of his head all night while he played. LOL But Daddy did the candles and cake with the boys while I was at knitting and took some pictures. Wouldn't you have liked to be a fly on the wall for that manly party! haha!!

Monday, September 03, 2007

What to blog....What to blog????? Ok random stuff!!! :)
Saturday we found a cool little park. Elk something or other park somewhere up off 89 in New Hampshire. See what we did is we just started driving. When we saw a brown sign that indicated a park area of some sort we took that exit, and voila, instant adventure!! Cost? $2.00 + a bit of gas and $$ for snacks. Not too dang bad eh?!

Nathan and Brent climbed a big rock pile which we got introuble over from the park ranger. He said it was kind of dangerous and there were signs. Anyway, they had a good time. haha

The kids wanted to play at the little beach they had. Jacob's becoming quite the little swimmer! He loves to swim with his goggles. It was a tad chilly, and with any adventure that's NOT PLANNED, I did not have towels. We found one of the boys t-shirts in the back of my car and that was our towel. Now if you now me you know I always have STUFF in my car...but not that day. I cleaned out the car a bit before we left!! haha
We found a trail and went walking. Check out the boys and their haircuts!! Earlier in the day we went to the barber shop. Nathan did NOT cry this time! He sat there like a big boy!! Jacob, as usual was awesome and explained to the barber that he had to sit still so he didn't cut his ear off. He told the barber that some "old lady" used to cut his hair and he had to sit still so she wouldn't cut off his ear. (sorry mom but I was laughing so hard!! but go to the comments from your anniversary, at least Julie doesn't think you look old enough to be married 45 years!)
Me walking the trail. Shortly after this the trail kind of disappeared! Now we didn't get lost! It was the trails fault!! Apparently this trail is not well maintained!! We were following little white diamonds posted on trees and then they were gone...we found red and green diamonds so we followed the red (my choice, I'm sad to admit) and it landed us in a big field of NOTHING. So back we went to find where it met up with the green trail. The green trail led us to a grassy road and a sign that says "stay on this road if you want to go back to the parking lot"...we did. Got back to the car and drove our tired little selves home!
Jacob has a new trick!! He's pretty proud of himself. Brent taught him how to blow a bubble. Now he wants to learn how to whistle. Hum..his bangs look a little crooked in that picture....I'll have to take a look at that later today.
I'll be updating my Etsy shop once I get these bags sewn up. I am LOVING the fabric with the bras on it!! Because you KNOW that there is yarn that is just cleavage worthy...just ask my Manchvegas Knitting friends!!!
I have pulled out my Lady Eleanor stole and have been knitting on it since I finished my Bar Harbor Shell Bag. So that's what's on the knitting front of my life.
Jacob starts school this Wednesday and it is also his Birthday!! I can't believe I will have a SEVEN year old!! sheesh!!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Happy 45th Anniversary Mom and Dad!!
Dad always like Dolly Parton and when I hear this song by her I've always thought of Mom and Dad.

The picture above was taken when mom and dad visited us back in March. I know they miss the boys and the boys miss them.
It was REALLY cold the day we took mom and dad to Mack's Apples, but we bought some GOOD apples! :)
Nathan and Mom-Mom color...... OK Mom colors... Nathan pretends she's monkey bars.
Dad, a.k.a. Pop-pop watch a little tv together.
Besides being great parents they are also great Grandparents to the boys (and my nieces and nephew too!)