Saturday, May 27, 2006

I got this idea from Violette, This is me and my oldest son at his Kindergarten graduation. I love this picture and it looks neat in different colors!!

In other interesting news....Brent took the clippers to the boys hair today!!! WOO what fun that was to watch!!

Nathan Before...

Nathan During........Nathan after.... buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Jacob before......... so happy!
Jacob after, and the skilled barber. :0)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Today I had a little time in the morning while the boys were still waking up to play on my sewing machine! I made these three coasters...they were so fun! I want to make more!!

Jacob, Nathan and I had lunch at the park today and followed a path through the park. We saw a lot of ducks and even some baby ducks!! Oh we are going to have a fun summer!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yesterday was a fun day! Jacob graduated from Kindergarten!! We are so proud!! "WE", the parents, made it through the first year of school!! YAHOOOOOO!!!! OK OK we are VERY proud of Jacob too!!
Brent got a call from Deka asking him if he was still interested in the! So hopefully we'll know something soon. I guess they'll talk $$ next if they offer the job!
I got a call about a job yesterday...wouldn't you know it. Right after I agree to stay home for the summer with my children and my brother's children. Guess what won over.... THE KIDS!! I want to stay home and spend time with Jacob and Nathan, and I'll also get to spend time with my nieces and nephew! So fun!
Here are some photos from Jacob's Graduation Celebration at school.

Jacob pointing out Brent and I to his friends

How much longer until this is over??

Me and Jacob

Jacob and his Daddy

When got home from the celebration, it was a beautiful day, so we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, filled up the ship with water and let the boys play in the water all afternoon, into the evening. Finally, This is a card I made for my friend Linda who just had some surgery. It was fun to play with my stamps a bit and create a little something to cheer her. All the stamps are by Stampin' Up!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Here is a better picture of the knitted/beaded bracelets!!! I'm happy with them. They were fun to make!! Now I'm knitting a purse. I need to finish that darn back pack one day!!
It's raining like crazy here... I'm on the 2nd go around with the dryer and Nathan's shoes... That child is a magnet to puddles... argh!
I had my first Stampin' Up! workshop the other night!! It was a good one too and I can't wait for the next one!! WHEEEEEE

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Two post in one day.... I'm entitled, it's Mother's day!! Brent and the boys went to the race track today and gave me some "ME" time!! I watched Chick flicks and made cookies!!! It was a lovely day.
The boys came home and Jacob handed me a bag with a box and said "Here mom, it's a camera, Happy Mother's Day." and walked off. LOL!! So Brent and I have been playing with it and here's a fun shot we just took.

Jacob and Nathan had fun at the race tracks with their dad, uncle, grandmama and grand dude. Jacob won a couple races on horses he picked and Nathan got to pet some horses too. I'm glad they enjoyed their day too!! Nate's in the red and blue toboggan and Jake's in the orange.

Jacob and his Ticket

Brent and the boys (Below)

Nathan waving to the horses as they go by. Nathan loves horses....or as he says "hoey" haha

I am a proud mother of 2 wonderful boys!! I love you both so much!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

I Don't Know What To Do!!!! (brain overload!)

I had such a cool day today...and it's not even over!! I spent the morning with my friend Sonya, we went to a little Yarn shop in Jeffersonville, IN and then to her house to just chit-chat. It was nice to have an adult to talk to during the day!! Here's my score from the yarn store and a book I borrowed from Sonya.

The I finished off a bracelet when I got home that I was knitting for a friend. Now she has to pick which green one she wants. I wish the picture was clearer!! These are MaryElla Bracelets, I got the pattern from and the kits from So Heather, if you can tell by these and get a good look...pick one :) If not I'll see what I can do to get the scanner back up and going and try and scan them.

Then!! Nope not finished yet... The mail comes! Thank you note from a friend (always cheers ya!), invitation to a Bachelorette Party (hello FUN!!) and a package from my Sassy friend Carol. MAN O MAN, does she spoil me. I requested some stamped cards from her for my workshops so show as examples...well she sent me quite a few (THANK YOU!) and then.....THEN!!! All of this coooooool fabric and a too cute for words pin cushion!

What an awesome day!!! Thank you Carol for all the goodies...The button totally rocks :)!! Who wouldn't want a button with some hot guys on it!! **wink wink**

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

WOOOO!!!! Bring on the drinks!!!!

Carol!!! Where are you!!!! It's mudslide night!!!! :o)
Thinking of you! :o) (picture is kinda fuzzy....Jake took the picture tee hee)

On other news...I'm an aunt again!! This is my beautiful niece, Lana.

She's so adorable!!

And my Brother in law is in from Afganistan and is staying with us... I caught this at nap time the other day .... or the middle of the night for BIL... applies to who ever you're looking at! haha

I just thought it was funny!! Good ole Jet'll get ya every time!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

This Post brought to you by the number Nine (9)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

MORE MORE MORE!! I made a new blog friend and she sent me this CUTE tutorial for little tissue holders!!! I am making these for Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother's day!! Too cute!

Thanks Jojo. The bottom right one with the women dancing is mine!!! :) Two of the Butterfly ones will go to Jacob's teachers. SO FUN!! now to go out and buy tissues for them!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hello from New Hampshire. (ok so we're home now...) This is Brent and I driving around New Hampshire. Pretty cool huh. ok ok not exciting, I know. Brent went up there for an interview....I tagged along to check out the place. WOO Beautiful!
This is a cool little diner we found and had breakfast. We had to ask what BFT was...we weren't quite sure.... Do you know??
OH for the love of pete!! An EMPTY Bead store......say it isn't so Ethel!! Hey but check out the reflection of that hot couple...doesn't Brent look excited! haha!

We found a funny little cigar shop and couldn't resist taking Brent's picture with the little man outside.
It was a nice 2 days! We enjoyed ourselves. We just have to see if the company makes and offer and see what the offer is before we know what our future holds.
I do know that our future holds we need a new washing machine. Our motor quit!! We just got home from the laundry mat and boy that was expensive. Luckily we can bring the wet clothes home and dry them in our tonight it's drying clothes and watching movies for us!! Have a great weekend.

Oh yeah... BFT?? Big French Toast!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My handsome boys!! My mother took this photo of them a couple weeks ago and MAN do they look like their daddy!! So Handsome!

On other news, job wise, still nothing found for me but Brent has an interview with Deka Research in New Hampshire. We're not sure what to expect or even if we want to move, but it's something we want to check out. Now why can't we just find places like that near some of my crafting girlfriends?!? LOL

I went to Goodwill today. I bought 4 wool sweaters...they are in the washer now. One I guess I'll use for a swap that is going on at BeadArt. I don't know what I'll make yet, but I'll sure have fun sprucing one up someway!

Monday, May 01, 2006


My friend Heather made me a new banner for my blog and made me into a beautiful green! (My favorite color!!)

I love it Heather!!!!!! The keyhole is perfect and awesome!!!! THANK YOU!!!!