Friday, December 30, 2005

Wednesday night we went bowling! Boy we had fun! Nathan and Jacob did great and hand a ball!!

This is Nathan waiting for his turn. He really did a good job!

We will have to remember how much the boys enjoyed this and do it again sometime!

Not a lot going on lately. Kind of calm after the holidays. Mom and I may run to the knitting store today and see what we can get into.

Here are some Christmas pictures from the Morning here at our house.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

So I'm really getting into blogging and such and I think Nathan thinks I spend too much time on the computer.

What do you think??

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Oh how I love Christmas. We have the Holiday shuffle down pat!!! Here's the low down on what, where, when and the OMG of it all!!

Christmas Eve: The Inlaws (father and step mother's side) WONDERFUL dinner and night of presents!! The kids hit the mother load at this stop! Jacob got one of those Read With Me DVD things, and that is super cool!! Nathan got toys and lots of clothes but seemed more interested in playing with the dog :)
Christmas Morning: SANTA CAME TO OUR HOUSE!!! Jacob woke up and came and got Brent and I out of bed. We told him we never heard Santa, so go check and see if Santa came. He when down stairs and peeked and all you could hear were his feet running back up the steps to us saying HE CAME HE CAME!! The kids hit the mother load with Santa too!

Christmas Afternoon: My grandmother's house. Brent and I got a crocheted afghan!! I've been sleeping with it ever since!! It's so special!!
Christmas Evening: The Inlaws (yep again, this time the mom and her hubby) I scored 19 skeins of white yarn and a sweater pattern!! I'll have to see if this is what I want to make or maybe something else. I think, believe it or not, I need more yarn for it!

Day after Christmas: My parent's house. OK... by now Nathan had enough of being good!!! Note I have not said one crazy thing he did! Well this one topped the cake!!! Nathan put Jacob's NEW shoe in a candle!! My dad got into the kitchen just in time to save the shoe on fire, luckily Jacob can still wear it! Nathan was not hurt and I'm VERY happy about that!

Today we stayed home and rested. I am glad the holidays over, but we had FUN!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Well...lots of crazy stuff going on today in my house!!! First off. KNITTING!!! Working on some socks!! FUN FUN!!

And then my dear son Nathan, the two year old decided to lock himself in the bathroom with the cold water on in the sink. Well...I'm shook up a bit but finally got him out. DH was on the phone with Jacob while I'm franticly looking for a flat head screw driver...water's flowing in to the basement like Niagra falls..... Jacob's telling me to Calm down Calm down, I'm sure that was coming from Brent. I laugh now but I was in tears trying to get the door unlocked. I do NOT know how those door knobs work so I'm unscrewing everything I can, and finally I figure it out! Got Nathan out...he is a bit wet, but comes out smiling... Little stinker!!

The little stinker after we broke him out. He looks so sorry doesn't he?? Hey friends, do not ever expect me to bust you out of jail...I can barely get a kid out of a bathroom!!

The basement floor under the bathroom....needed to be mopped anyway!

The bathroom door after I got him out. I'm thinking of removing the lock. This would mean no more private time in the bathroom, but I'm willing to take that after seeing my skills at taking apart a door!!!

On that note...Nathan is laying down on the floor so I could only guess that means we've all been worn out from this!!! So I'm going to go rest...and find a DRINK!!!!!!!! Where's my Diet Cherry Coke?!?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

We saw the movie "Chicken Little" tonight in 3-D. Very cute and the boys seemed to enjoy it. Every once in awhile Jacob would say "WOW that was close!" haha!! It was cool to have the feeling of things closer than they really were and it was his first time experiencing that! I enjoyed it too. Nathan wouldn't wear his glasses though...he just paced the floor and ate popcorn and Candy, but he was quiet most of the time. The theater was pretty empty!! We were glad. No big crowd to deal with. The 3-D glasses were cute....they looked just like Chicken little's glasses. Cute green glasses. If you have a kid...this is a fun movie to see over the holidays!! Take in an early show and sit back and enjoy!

I also got a Christmas gift from my Fairy Bead Sister. Jacob and Nathan got presents too. LOOK!!

Dr. Seuss Puzzle

Darth Vader Lego Set

He played for 2 hours with this!!!

I got a coooooooool calendar with knitting projects for each day! Can't wait to try some!

Friday, December 16, 2005

A discussion over dinner,
Jacob, "Mom we are going to celebrate Hanukkah Christmas this year."
Me, "We are?"
Jacob, "Yep!"

Today I went to Jacob's school and helped a little with their Christmas party. I didn't know that 20 Five year olds could be so GOOD!!! His teacher and the assistant have their stuff together! I am glad. Jacob is on 2 week break from school, so I'll have them both home for awhile. I can't wait to spend some time with Jacob! I miss him while he's at school and I'm home with Nathan. I feel like I need them both with me. :)
I did some more Christmas shopping today and I'm still not done. Maybe in the next couple days...who knows. It's so fun to buy for the boys. I can't wait for Christmas morning to see their bright faces.

I finished a bracelet this afternoon while Nathan napped. I'll get a picture of it later, as it's a gift for someone.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas Wrapping 101

Ok...first tip I have here...
Get rid of the little elves..they are NO help!

All they want to do is look at their cute little reflections in the Christmas wrapping paper.

We did a little dancing (see video here, no sound) with my Rosie O'Donnell Christmas CD. Rosie and Ricky Martin are fun to dance too! My little elf is good at dancing so at least I do have a dance partner.

I did some shopping for Christmas yesterday and I've finally got the Christmas spirit. Although I was getting worried because "Santa" couldn't find what Jacob wanted that was at the Disney store, but PRAISE be to EBAY!!! "Santa" found the item and we've already received shipment confirmation!!! yaaaaaahooooooooo

On another note...beading and knitting. Been doing a bit trying to finish up for Christmas. I'm trying to knit a little bag to felt to use for some jewelry I'm giving someone. I hope it turns out. Of course!! I'll get a picture...sheesh back off :)

Monday, December 12, 2005 if you saw this sign while driving down the road would YOU stop?? I had too! I'm sorry but this needs more explaining to me. "YARN" Oh you tease! What you do mean YARN!? Well I found out. It was a yarn shop! Nice looking and hope to go back and visit again, but there's a very nice one closer to me that I have even met a couple people at and I love the atmosphere in the closer yarn shop.
Speaking of yarn, I finished another project. A head band for me for those cold days. It's a bit big though...Maybe if I wash it it will tighten up a little bit.

This is me sporting my new headband. I like it! That's my darlin' Nathan with me. Love his Cheeeeeese expression???

Next project please!!!! I got some patterns from my friend Cris and some yarn from my friend Heather, so I'm sure both of them are waiting for something to come out of those gifties :) Thanks girls!! Off to see what's next!!

BTW, I'm starting to enjoy unemployment! LOL

Friday, December 09, 2005

We have a brownie gremlin!!! I know that when I left for the bus stop the section on the right was cut fairly neatly...or so...but when I came back from the bus stop there was a HOLE in my browines!!! I think the name of the gremlin is Nathan... (daddy was sleeping..he wasn't alone! chill out!) The only way I know this is because of the chocolate on his mouth HAHA!! What a crazy boy!
I started knitting myself a headband for this cold weather...Maybe I'll finish it soon :) Can't wait to try it out!! Watch for pictures!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sometimes ya just need time to yourself!! Know what I mean?!? Today it is going to snow and schools are letting out early, so Jacob will be home early today. I better find some things for them to do, or movies to watch!!

I hope to work on finishing a hat I'm knitting for Brent.

I have to go to a notary and get something notarized and then mail it off, along with some Christmas Cards and another beaded face.

(Later in the day) HEY I finished that hat I was knitting for Brent. I think Jacob and I model it very well!!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005 my little elf helping me with Christmas cards today. He was coloring an extra envelop I had. It is proudly displayed on our fridge now.
He had fun coloring while I worked on finishing up some stamped Christmas cards. I just have to address them and get them out!!

Nathan and I went running around today. Went by Jacob's school to visit, and then to Mom's school and had lunch with her. It was nice... OH and it was Snowing!! So pretty!!
We came home and sat down to relax and while I was chatting online with Heather, Nathan fell asleep.
AHHH what a life!! Elmo video, bean bags, and a nap!! What could be better ??? :)

Monday, December 05, 2005

HAPPY MONDAY!!! I had an interview this morning! It went great...until... they told me what it paid. Let's just say if I would have taken this job I would have LOST money! I get more from Unemployment! haha! Anyway, it was good practice.

My mom and I had a fun weekend. We shrunk an old sweater and made it into a CUTE purse! I see more of these in my future!! TOO FUN!

On another note...I went to a super fun Christmas party over the weekend. They had karaoke!! OH MY did I have fun. Sang some songs from Grease with my friend Jenn, sang a little Frank Sinatra "That's Life" and who knows what else. Now all I've been listening too today is Nancy Sinatra singing "These Boots are Made for Walkin' " MAN what a fun song to dance too. I'm so glad no one can see in my basement because I'm having fun with this song!! HAHA!!!

I went to Ben Frankin's Craft store today and I must say...their book selection on knitting stuff is MUCH Better than Michaels and Hobby Lobby! I'll be heading back there after I find a job! And they have yarn that can be felted.... OOOO Purses..hats....oh I can't wait! to check on Nathan...he's gotten quiet all of the sudden... The other day this happened and about 20 minutes later I FINALLY found him sleeping under..yes UNDER the bunk beds!! I couldn't find him at first and was like "OH I've already failed as a SAHM!!!" LOL!! But alas, he found a dark spot and went to sleep. Funny kid!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Brent and Lora Posted by Picasa

This is an old picture of Brent and I....taken about a year ago. Brent took the picture with his super long arms. haha
The job search is going well. I had 3 places to check out this week and talk to, and I feel good about how they all turned out. At least I came out feeling like I am still employable. One thing I wasn't ready for was TEST!! OMG they want you to take a test to get hired... OH I used to have the worst test anxiety!! I think I did well though. If not...well off to another job, these are stepping stones.
The boys are gearing up for Christmas.... well Jacob is. He hasn't really said much about what he wants except he saw some Higgly Town Hero figurines at the Disney Store and I may try and go back and get those for him. He's a pretty easy kid to please!!
I guess tomorrow I'll start on my Christmas Cards. Need to go ahead and get those addressed and mailed out and use our stamps we have before the new rate takes effect.
Well..I think it sounds as if Nathan has fallen asleep so I think I'll take this time to create SOMETHING with my beads!!
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!