Thursday, April 26, 2007

This post is brought to you by a chocolate hedge hog!! tee hee
Today was a BEAUTIFUL day and I had nothing planned for the boys because I thought it was supposed to rain. It didn't. I said I was going to sew today and I have! This is the result of my sewing adventure today. A tote bag. Isn't it purdy! I did take a break and blow some bubbles with Nathan around lunch time. That was fun!!
Below is the swag I got from my Secret Pal 10. Oh jealous, be very jealous!! I got 5 hand made stitch markers, all they way down to the lamp work beads! OH How I love that my SP10 is a lamp worker! I so wish I had the patience and time to try it! One day I will, maybe when both boys are old enough to play with fire with me. haha Isn't the card just cute too!
She also sent me a package of chocolate hedgehogs!! Can you believe it!! They're pretty good too. The little guy at the beginning of this post is from the package (and in my belly now).
My first ever skein of Socks that Rock!! The colors are SO ME!!! Even the Manchvegas knitters said they were perfect colors for me! I agree. :)
Now...this sock below. *sigh* I think it's destined to be a single sock. I just didn't enjoy knitting it. The pattern was easy and a good pattern. I am not knocking the designer at all, but after the pattern I really got bored with the sock and had to force myself to finish it. Who knows I may rip it one day or get a sock blocker and display it. I mean it is a FO! Right! It feels good on my foot and the pattern around the ankle is cute!! but I just can't bring myself to do another one. I have never had this problem before. Take for instance the Cascading Leaves pattern, OH man I love it! and for some reason it holds my interest! Maybe I should just cast on the second sock and tell myself to get over it so I'll have another pair of cute socks!! Come on Lora you can do it!!! KNIT LORA KNIT!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

FUN IN THE SUN! OMG the weather here is finally nice!!

Monday, the boys and I went to the park with Jackie and her children and Gina and her boys. We had a picnic, played at the park and blew bubbles.....we had that park FULLLL of bubbles! Jacob's allergies kicked up a bit while we were there so he opted to lay on the blanket and cover his head. Funny boy!Nathan had a great time on the slide.
Amanda posted her fridge on her blog and I thought it looked like fun so I'm posting mine too! What's on your fridge??! The bottom half sports some of Jacob's art! The upper half sports tons of pictures and magnets. On the TOP are Banana's and a cookie jar! YUM LOL I feel honored that we made the front of Sonya's fridge. Her son Eli is on our fridge, but I still need a picture of Alex and Olivia (HINT HINT).
Now the EXCITING NEWS for me this week is I GOT MY NEW PURSE!!! I ordered this purse off of Etsy from a super sweet gal named Theresa! I had seen her purses on her etsy shop and loved them. She had some cool totes too that had this fabric on it called "Inked" by Alexander Henry. I love Alexander Henry fabric!! BUT she didn't have a cute little messenger bag in the "Inked" fabric, so I contacted her about making one for me. The conversation with her was great. She made sure she knew exactly what I wanted. When I got the purse the other day I was SO excited!! Brent even likes it. You need to jump on over to her Etsy shop and see her goods! Especially if you want a cool rockin' purse like mine! :) Thanks Theresa for the great purse!! Go to Theresa's Etsy HERE

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Brent, the boys and I went to Livingston Park today and walked a bit. It was such a beautiful day we didn't want to stay in!
Here's Jacob sporting his new haircut. Yesterday was his first visit to a barber shop!!! MAN do they know what they are doing. Brent and I are done cutting hair! LOL It's been a shaggy mess around here with the boys and not having my mom here to cut their hair. :)
Nathan and Brent. Nathan's favorite thing lately is to "Ride up top"! He likes it best on Dad's shoulders....he can see forever!
We came upon this tee pee in Livingston park on one of the side paths we took. Someone has been there. Dunkin' Donuts cups, a pair of shoes and some beer. Come on...what else could a person need in a tee pee?!?
Jacob snapped this shot of Brent and I inside the tee pee. As we stood there looking around it kinda felt creepy... like I had snuck into some one's home and was snooping around.
After the park, Brent went to Band Practice (yep he found a band and we call it band practice, just like knitting practice. haha) and the boys and I went home. Before going home we stopped off to buy some sidewalk chalk. Nathan went down for a nap and Jacob and I got to Arting!! What fun. We started out decorating rocks with the chalks but then Jacob went and got some coloring books and I found Elroy Jetson and just had to draw him! Jacob decided he would draw some evil lady villain out of the spider man coloring book. Her Hair is attacking Elroy!! OH NO!! What will happen next?!?
(singing)Spider man, spider man does what ever a spider can. spins a web.... (end singing) TAA DAAAA Enter Spider man to save Elroy! Can you tell the imagination was working well today?? :)
In the end, Elroy was ok and Jacob and I decided that we had to have the coolest driveway in town!!
Now to think of what to draw next time! :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

So I got rid of the table in my little craft cubby. If you remember before, it was rather tight!

So Brent and I loaded up the kids and headed to Ikea and this is the little gem I got! The little drawer/bucket system. It works nicely! I drag my stuff out to the kitchen table because it's so hard to stand up straight in that area, but it's great for storage. So, that's what's been going on here.
It's a beautiful day today. I think Nathan and I will walk to school to get Jacob this afternoon. :)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Reason's why I'm homesick:
1. Lacey 2. Luke and 3. Lana

This is my oldest niece Lacey. (all three of these kids belong to my brother) She is so beautiful! Her and Jacob were always VERY close! They spent quite a bit of time together when we still lived in Kentucky. Spending the night at each other's house and all. Jacob talked to Lacey on the phone the other day and it was so precious! He said "Yeah I miss you too Lacey, I miss you a lot!" and I could tell he meant it!! Lacey used to hang out with Brent and I before we even had Jacob. She was our "Test" kid LOL. We kept her alive while she would spend the night with us, so we decided we could give having our own kids a whirl!
Doesn't she have a beautiful smile. Her and Nathan are the two red heads of the bunch.
Little Miss Lana... oh so precious. Mom says she has an attitude and will set Lacey and Luke straight in a minute!! OH I just wanna hug her. It makes me sick that I'll won't have the time with her like I had with Lacey.
And Luke.... the boy in the bunch. Thank goodness he has boy cousins because he's out numbered on sisters! haha Luke is 6 days older than Nathan. How our family survived me and my Sister in Law being pregnant at the same time I'll never know, but I think we did pretty good. haha Luke is a little ham!! Always saying something totally hilarious. The other night I was talking to him on the phone and he was telling me about how he went to the potty! I was so proud of him! He said "Wora" and I said "Yes Baby."...he paused.."Um I not a baby!" I had to laugh... "Sorry, Yes Luke?" LOL!! Who knows what was said after that but he set me straight that he wasn't a baby anymore!
This is my brother Scott and Lana. They said she would find an egg hunting and wouldn't want to put it down to hunt for another. Now I'll probably live to regret this and be teased to no end from my brother, but Yes..... I miss him too. He picks on me something fierce!! I mean BIG TIME! I hope my Sister in law is doing ok because he's probably doubling up on the picking on her since I'm not around! Sorry Amber! As kids he would even tease me. One time he said, "OH LORA! LOOK! Your name is on a sign!!!" and seeing that I have a name that is not spelled like others I got all excited!! I never see my name on anything. I excitedly replied, "WHERE SCOTT? WHERE?" He said. "Right there... see?? "DIP". " ....... yeah go on and laugh I know you want too. And I fell for that more than one or two times!! I guess I am a dip at times LOL But hey I'm a fun dip... no no not like the candy! LOL

Friday, April 13, 2007

No Finished Objects for Today :o( Just wasn't in the cards. In other news, Lady Eleanor is coming along nicely.

Not much else going on since yesterday. Just thought I'd post a picture of Lady E. :) I did make some stitch markers but they are for my SP10 so I can't show them. If you want to see them, email me and I can email you a picture. :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yes Yes just another lovely SPRING day in New England. Mother Nature must have not taken her meds because she's all messed up! They (the silly weather man) are predicting snow again today during this Spring Season. Honestly...I think all the snow I've seen up here since I've lived here just about adds up to what I saw my whole 35 years in Kentucky. It's insane, I tell ya!

On the knitting's a bit slow. Still working on Lady Eleanor and casted on a pair of Horcrux Socks. Knit a Captain Underpants for Jacob and so far he has a body and one arm. I should really finish that so I'll have something for FO Friday.

Now for a Secret Pal 10 Contest. We are to write about our favorite knitting project and then our least favorite knitting project and answer the question "WHY did I make that?"

OK For my favorite...oh this is hard because most of the things I end up finishing I end up loving! All the hard work and enjoyment that went into the project.'s my choice.
My Cascading Leaves Socks in Heather's Witchy colorway of Sereknity.

My least favorite knit...well.... most of the stuff I finished I ended up liking because I finished it. But I do have one project that I started and all the knitting is done, but I have to now sew it together and I'm SO not wanting to do it. The pieces of this project are not even in the same places now (and if you know me I know you're not surprised about that!) But it's the Bunny Backpack from the Stitch and Bitch book. It's cute as can be. Done in Red Heart yarn, yeah yeah forgive me, I was a newbie! Here's a pictures of the finished panel with the bunny on it. Maybe one day I'll actually sew it up.

Tuesday Jacob got out of School early so we were lucky enough to get to go out to the Discovery Stop and meet up with Heather, Gina and Jackie and their adorable kiddo's! I swear..the level of cutest was UP in the playroom that day with all our angels! :o) The boys had a great time!

Here's Legs...I mean Jacob on an almost too small John Deer Toy Tractor.
Nathan performed a little puppet show for me. TOO CUTE!

Then yesterday Jacob's cub scouts went to the Currier Downtown Art Museum here in town. They had a special kids project going on that day and the boys got to make Parachutes!! It was fun.
Here I am making sure Jacob's strings are attached well to his basket of his parachute. Nathan is coloring (with a sharpie, he's still green!) his parachute.
Here is Mr. Jake testing his parachute out. Looks like it's a good one!
The lady running the project took us all over to a court yard and dropped the parachutes out the 3rd story window. Jacob and Nathan's did great! Floated right down.
And a special Happy Birthday shout out to Jackie and Mike of the Manchvegas Knitters! We celebrated last night at Famous Dave's. What happens at Famous Dave's...Stays at Famous Dave's. :o) yeah right!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

So this morning we woke up and there was no school. It's Spring people! oh Yes oh Yes it is. I think........? This is out our kitchen window.
Practicing our snowman technique in Lincoln's water bowl.
Testing out our skills...Lookin' good!
Snow man building is hard work. Time for a snack.
Nathan practicing his snowboarding skills... He's actually pretty good!!