Monday, October 30, 2006

The guys and I had great fun carving pumpkins yesterday!! Jacob really got into digging out the guts...Nathan lasted about 10 minutes then he was off playing in the other room. We went trick or treating around the city yesterday and had a grand time!! I thought I wouldn't like trick or treating during the day time, because Manchester did it from 1 - 4 yesterday, but it was FUN! It was so cool to see the kids and their costumes and we trick or treated in our own neighborhood and there were KIDS everywhere!! It was GREAT!! Afterwards we came home and rented movies and ordered pizza and just relaxed!! It was a wonderful day!! I carved the pumpkin above, Jacob cleaned out the guts with me.
Nathan and Brent worked on this little pumpkin above. On the reverse side it says "NATE" too cool!
This is the beginning. Getting the tops off and preparing for guts!Digging out the guts....icky!
Jacob digs out the guts...he doesn't need a tool, he has his hands. Below is the kitchen table after carving.
and Below are the pumpkins on our front porch in the dark.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

My friend Gina started her own Knitting Podcast!! (Click on the picture above, it should take you to the podcast.) It's great for the first one!! Check her out! She even mentions something *I* commented to her with in the first 3 minutes!! Yes I made the first podcast!! I am a star!! I will hand out autographs!! OK OK I'm dreaming....but the podcast by Gina is enjoyable to listen too. Make sure you look at her blog while you listen. She posts pictures there of what she's talking about and Links to her sponsors. Enjoy!

Friday, October 27, 2006

SUCKtober no more!! It REALLY is SOCKtober!! I finished my Jaywalker socks and I proudly wore them tonight to the Halloween party at my son's school!! ROCK ON WITH MY SOCKS ON!!!
We had a good time at Jacob's School Halloween party. They had a pretty good little haunted house. The boys didn't like it very much, but I kinda enjoyed it. Jacob went as Batman and Nathan wore his monkey suit. They looked cute. Here's a picture of Jacob testing out his Bat moves on his dad. (note: No daddy's were hurt during this photo shoot)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Had a grand ole time at knitting practice last night with the Manchvegas group! yeah yeah knitting practice...Jacob calls it that and I think it's too darn cute, so I say it too! :) Below you will see some LOVERLY Yummy yarns from Heather of Sereknity. (she's a yarn pusher....kinda like a drug pusher but uses yarn...ok ok she's not..she just sets it all out and we are the pushers....pushing her back away so we can get to the goodies!!!!) Don't you just love all the beautiful colors!!

I ended up buying her Witchy yarn. I thought it looked great next to my Goblin yarn....Goblin was getting kind of lonely!!
Halloween is right around the corner! Can you believe it?! Gina, from the Manchvegas had this cute little monkey costume and it just fits Nathan perfectly and he Loves it!!! OH and stay tuned!! Gina's going to do a podcast!!! Should be some fun knitting listening material!! She's fun :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Things are fine. I ripped out the socks and I'm about where I was when I ripped them out. I had hope to have them done by today, but that didn't happen.
I did a little beading the other day and that was a nice change. Here's what I made.

Now off to finish dinner and get ready to go out knitting for the evening!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Crap Crap Crap and FINALLY CRAP!!!
Do you know I've been happily knitting along these (#*$*! socks and as I lay half awake this morning remember something....when I'm doing the bottom of the foot I'm supposed to K1 S1 all the way across.... Did I do that?? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.So I get out the pattern to see if I was just in a gloomy morning daze and maybe I'm hung over from Diet Cherry coke.....NOPE!! Not drunk, just didn't follow the dang pattern!! Crap Crap Crap! to walk the dog...

{Later that day} OK So I have not picked up my knitting at all today.... I am just soooo....argh..... aggrevated. But I'm going knitting tonight and I'll check out my sock situation tonight.

So what did I do today you asked?! I worked on my Stampin' Up Business cards. I wanted to make my own, so I made some Artist Trading Cards (ATC's) and I've attached my information on the back. I think they turned out cute! What do you think?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Happy Tuesday.

Over the weekend I went to Concord to the NH Bead Society and met a great bunch of gals. My friend, Ellen, who I met last year in Louisville when she was visiting, picked me up and took me with her. The lesson of the day was netting. I've done netting before so I set out to make a bracelet while everyone else learned the technique or just did their own thing. I have the bracelet finished except for the clasp. I'm going to have to order some. Once it has the clasp on it I'll get a picture. I also started a very cool peyote bracelet in golds and coppers. It's not quite done yet either, but when it's finished I'll get a shot of it.
I did however do some stringing yesterday. I normally like to do bead weaving, but I didn't have enough swarovski's to do what I wanted, so instead I did this.
I don't remember what the square beads were, but they are glass. The swarovski's I used were Rose and they were 6mm. The toggles are just something I had in my bead clue what they are, and then there are the pink seed beads. All this was strung with Power Pro thread.

Now as I type this and show you this I have to laugh. I was telling Ellen on our drive to Concord that I'm not a stringer. I have trouble with the layout and design of stringing, but I think since I didn't have tooooo many different shaped beads and they were all the same color family, I think it turned out pretty good!

And I'm still working on those socks a couple post ago for Socktober. I will finish them before the end of October! I want to start my goblin socks. That is yummy yarn! Still have to pick out what pattern I want to use for them :)

Some of the gals that are celebrating Socktober are posting pictures of their stash of sock yarn. I don't even think mines worth gathering for a picture. Here's what I have:

One skein of Goblin Yarn I bought off Etsy
1 ball of Cascade Fixation in Hot Pink
1 ball of Cascade Fixation in Black
2 skiens of Lang Yarn Jarwoll which are on the needles and you've seen.

Yes folks, that is my measley sock yarn stash.

Now...if you want to count the leftover sock yarn I have from a robot and a failed attempt for a cell phone cover then add this:

1 not so much of a skein of Memories "Gladious??" or something like that as a gift from Heather that she ordered from Knitpicks.
1 not so much of a skein of some kind of sock yarn from Michaels in Kentucky I bought back in my newbie knitting days.

T-t-t-that's all f-f-folks......

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I got my faces back from the swap that Mamarox hosted! Click on the links below to see what I got back!

Face One Made by Lora T.
Face Two Made by Cyn B.
Face Three Made by Sharon S.

Here's the link for ALL the faces.
**Click Here for Faces**
Fun swap!! It's always fun to get swap stuff in the mail. I kind of miss doing secret sister programs because it was always nice to find a card stuck among the bills to cheer you.

Oh and
Gina, in case you're reading...I do NOT have a picture of the 20 some odd skeins of White Red Heart. Oh Darn. But for's a picture of me sitting there that Christmas wondering what the heck I was going to do with allllll that yarn! OH and that Jacket I have favorite that my DOG ATE! grrrr.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I've been working on my jaywalker socks. They are coming along nicely if I do say so myself :) I treated myself to a new book last night too and I can't wait to start on a project out of this book.'s happened...... My son is starting to get some New England "slang". I guess I call it slang because it's not what I'm used too. But today, Jacob's teacher gave him what I have grown to know and be called a Sucker. Now here in Manchester, most places call them a "Lolly" or "Lolly Pop". Well, Jacob was talking to me on the way home while eatting his "sucker" and referred to it as a "Lolly Pop". when we go back to KY and he talks of a "Lolly" or "Lolly Pop" what on earth will the think?!?!?!!??! OK OK no one else will probably notice.
I just recall the day I was at the bank with both boys and the gal behind the counter asked me if the boys could have a "Lolly". I'm sure I looked at her blankly.... I asked "What the heck is a "Lolly"?" She held up a Tootsie Roll Pop, (Yeah THE GOOD STUFF), and I was like, "OH!! A sucker!", and in return I got the same blank stare I probably gave her. Anyway.... just a funny thing that happened that I thought that I'd share.
Now... go have a sucker...or a lolly... or a lolly pop. What do you call them?? Leave a comment and let me know! :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

We went to a little farm yesterday with the inlaws. Nathan and Jacob both had a wonderful time! They even let the animals eat out of their hands!! I did too, it was kinda icky.

Nathan feeds a pony

Me pushing the stroller.

Jacob infront of a Llama with his bag of feed.

This is my FAVORITE picture of the day though! (see below) Nathan looks so comfy on his daddy's shoulders!! They were looking at the horses that were pulling a load of people for a hayride.

Friday, October 06, 2006

My mother in law and her Husband are here visiting us. The boys are enjoying seeing Grandma-ma and Grand-dude. Jacob even showed off his reading skills and read Grandma-ma a story!
Nathan got an Elmo work bench for his birthday from them. Both the boys are enjoying it!
I have knitted more on my socks and almost have the leg part finished and ready to start on the heel. Still doing two socks on one long circular needle and enjoying the far! We'll see how we do on the heel and gussets!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Yesterday, Mr. Bean (a.k.a. Nathan) turned 3!!! Hard to believe it! They grow so fast! He received a big box from Mom-mom and Pop-pop yesterday with books and shoes and a Wiggles Blanket. He loved it all! We celebrated with birthday brownies instead of a birthday cake.
Today I took him to the Orthopedic Dr. because of an "itchy" episode the other night. So they took the full leg cast off and put on a below the knee cast. Nathan picked Green this time.
He did really well when they cut the red one off, then they put on a green one and his foot wasn't at quite the right angle on the next cast so they had to cut it off and redo it again. Nathan was a Trooper!! He did great the WHOLE time!

To the Left here is Nathan with his bag of presents
(books and shoes and puzzles) And below is Nathan and his Wiggles blanket.
Tomorrow his Grandmama and Grand-dude show up for a visit. We are all ready to see some familar faces!!
Oh yeah..and see those chairs behind Nathan and his Wiggle's blanket?? That's our "Couch"... Well this afternoon my REAL COUCH is being delivered!! I can't wait to try it out knitting!! tee hee!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hello fellow blogger readers. Not a whole lot going on here but there's some pictures to post :) that's always fun. So sit back and see what's NOT been going on.

These are some socks I'm working on. They are the Jaywalker Pattern. Special Thanks to Jackie for helping me get started on these...I tried at home alone and got alllllllll tangled up!!

Now..this is my craft cubby. If you go back a couple months you'll remember I that the WHOLE attic at the house in KY. Here I angled cove. It's cozy and I'm sure eventually I'll make a hole in the ceiling with my hard head!! LOL But look at it!! SO MESSY.. SO 15 minutes later, voila...I cleaned it up.
I was reading somewhere online where people take 15 minutes just to clean up an area so I thought, this can't work! So I tried it with my craft area..I could spend HOURS cleaning it in the attic of the old house! But hey...coves can be cleaned in about 15 minutes! Sweeeeet!
This is an ATC (Artist Trading Card) It is a quilted card with a stamped image and decorated with beads and such. This is in my friend Peggy's collection.
yes More knitting....what did you think? I slacked off? Anyway this is a purse that I made. It's using part of the Jaywalker sock pattern above. With it is the lining I hope to use and the zipper.

This is Jacob in his cool Tiger Cub Scout uniform! We are all excited to jump into Cub Scouts and hope Jacob makes some life long friends.

And from my Target outing...I scored these cute slippers!! I so wish the cross bones were knitting needles LOL