Monday, July 30, 2007

A bit of happy knitting for you after the last post. This is the progress on my Bar Harbor Shell Bag. MAN I am loving this. I finished row 4 and it's really coming together nicely! The best thing is this looks hard.... but let me tell you a secret. It's Not!! :) Oh the beauty of Knit, Purl and Picking up Stitches! There are some decreases in there, but if you're comfy with decreases, then this project should be in your queue on Ravelry if you're on there! I am going to felt it when I'm done. I just think the unknown of the felting will be fun! :) I'm using Lamb's Pride Worsted on this project. So felting will be awesome, I'm sure. I have hidden this project from a certain dog. Yes, he's still here and yes, I still love the yarn eating mutt. I guess I always will. :)
I'll have to put it aside for a bit and work on a "special" project that I need to finish by a certain date. I'll tell you this... it's not knitting.. it's beads. That's all ya get.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm MAD MAD MAD!Sereknity Yarn, Seized Diamond Back socks...two on one needle none the less. Done in KY.
Eatten!! OH grrrrrrrrrrrr.
Haven't found the other sock yet.
So mad.
So...who still loves Lincoln?!?! Come on yarn lovers... a dog after your own stash... oops I mean HEART! (ready to rip it out along with your sock!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Well here we are back in NH. The boys and I have been busy going to the library and to the Free Family Movies at the theater. Yesterday we saw Hookwinked and today we saw Wallace and Gromit and the curse of Were-Rabbit. It's so nice!! We just go and walk in, completely free! How much better can it get?!? OK this much better, we take our own snacky snacks and don't pay out the booty for their snacks!! THAT is how much better! haha. I'm glad that I'm finding good things for the boys and I to do to pass the summer. We plan on getting together with some knitting friends of mine tomorrow for a picnic. That will be nice. I like going places where I can take my kids. Kid friendly places are what I'm looking for this Summer.
Oh yeah...and to the lady who came to the free FAMILY movie that said very loudly "THE MOVIE IS STARTING IT'S TIME TO GET QUIET!" I say HA!! A room full of kids and you think they are going to be quiet?!? Better go to a movie were there are no kids!!! This is a KID FRIENDLY environment! And on that note.... I let my kids comment through out the movie ... AND we sat behind her... tee hee I know.. evil... My parents taught me better, but I bet they're laughing right now! :)

Yeah...Missing my mom and dad and family and friends. I totally enjoyed every day I was home! BIG THANKS to mom and dad for letting us "live" with them while we were there visiting.
I've been doing a little bit of knitting. I'm doing a dish cloth knit-a-long but I'm doing it with a twist. Some of the other gals are doing it itty bitty. Hey I'm all about little cute things! So I'm using my 0000 needles and some DMC Perle' 8 cotton and doing the dish cloth teeny tiny. Wanna see it so far? Sure ya do! There's a quarter so you get the general idea of the size. This should be cute! Can't wait to see what it's a mystery until you're done. :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

We are home, back in NH. It feels good to be here. I miss my parents and family, YES, that's a given! But I came home to some nice surprises, so that helped fend off the blues (so far).
My Secret pal 10 was
Mo from Canada. Check out those Ketchup flavored chips!! I have NEVER seen those. She also sent me some more cool yarn from Fleece Artist in Nova Scotia, Canada. YUMMY Colors!! Smarties for the boys. Needle point covers, Hand made glass beads, Knitting Rules book by the Yarn Harlot and yes more Chocolate hedge hogs (yeah, they're gone, didn't make it in the picture). There were some stickers in there too and a Very cool Alberta Magnet for my fridge, which isn't in the picture because it's ON the fridge!! :) Thanks Mo!! You were a great SP10!! Please keep in touch I also finished a second hedge hog. This one didn't turn out as BIG as the other one. I some how lost count while while knitting and wrapping and turning AND watching a movie **AND** spending time with mom! Too many distractions, but he's still cute and Jacob named him Sly. Since we've been home all other "pets" (stuff animals) have been tossed aside and Hedge Hogs RULE!! Jacob's been carrying around Splinter (the first hedgie) and Nathan carries around Sly. Too Cute.
I am also working on a pair of Waterloose socks. I am using the Socks That Rock yarn that Mo sent me in a previous package in the Sedona colorway. OMG I love this yarn! It is knitting up deliciously!
Also in the mail from my good friends Vickie and Mary. I have chatted online with these two ladies for over 10 years!! I've had the pleasure of meeting Mary back when I was pregnant with Nathan, but have yet to meet Vickie. I have had two chances to meet Vickie, but things got in the way and I never got to meet her. :( One day!! Vickie made the Table Topper and Mary made me 4 coasters that match the table topper!! I LOVE THEM!!
And Lincoln, YES we did get our Lincoln back from Melissa and her daughter. I still wondered even when they dropped him off today if they'd really leave him with us! LOL I distracted Melissa with some swag from KY, and she said that Lincoln is welcome at her house anytime. I think Lincoln will like that. Earlier this evening we were looking for Lincoln in the house and couldn't find him. We finally did though. On the bottom bunk in Nathan's bed sleeping with the pet pigs. How friggin' cute!
Now if someone could explain why all my links are at the bottom of the page instead of the side I'd appreciate it. I want my picture back up at the top beside the most current post. What gives??

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hey there....I'm still Ky that is. I am waiting right now for Brent to call me from the airport to come and get him. We'll start heading home tomorrow. MAN I'm gonna miss my family. It has been a wonderful visit! A month went by tooooooooooo fast.
Last Sunday the boys and I went out to a park that I thought would be empty, but we were surprised by a band and about a gazillion people packed on the lawn for a free concert from a local band. They were good. I ended up running into my old high school band teacher and his wife. Funny, they look the same as they did back then, didn't age a bit!! Seriously!
The next day the boys, mom and I went to Grinny Possum in Jeffersonville Indiana to shop for yarn. The boys loved all the different spinning wheels they had on display, and Sonya wanted to take the braided fiber behind the boys and give them pig tails. haha!!
In the evening Jake relaxed with Pop-pop.
Tuesday during the day I went to Sonya's house and we had a KID FREE time together. We tackled her sewing machine and I made a project bag for Jill and Sonya worked on a lining for a purse she knitted...oh 18 months ago I guess?? She made it while I still lived in Kentucky. OOPS am I telling on you Sonya?? :) After wrestling the sewing machine, Sonya took me out to lunch at Perkfection. YUM! And then we stopped by Schimpff's Candy store. (OH watch for this to occur again!)
Tuesday night was knitting night AND I got a special visitor, my best friend Tina, from high school. Now that's her nose there to the right of the picture. Can you believe I forgot to get a picture of us together?!?! Ack! Anyway, that's Jill in the green and I made her a project bag out of some AWESOME fabric she picked up locally (Watch etsy for bags from the same fabric, it's knitting related!) Tabitha looks on in the back ground.
Sonya, Tabitha and Stacy and I went to Akiko's Karaoke bar after knitting and well...I was the only one that sang. Stacy put in a song, but had to leave before they got to her. Stacy, they said your name like two songs later after you left. :(And on Wednesday the boys, mom and I went and checked out Schimpff's Candy Store. My goodness the chocolate in there......YUM. They make some very good red hots, which I will be bringing some home and if there's any left I'll bring to Knitting practice on Wednesday night to share. :)
There is a museum on one side of the candy store (in the back ground below) Some very cool OLD boxes of candies.I finished another hedge hog. Got another smaller one going from another pattern (Thanks Heather). Still working on the Bar Harbor Shell Bag and have a sock OTN's for the car ride home. See you from NH on the next post.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Friday night I got together with the Sunergo Knitters, (soon to be the Quills knitters I bet!) We had a slumber party at Tabitha's house. Knitting, pizza, and scary movies. I opted to finish my socks while they watched the movie.
Saturday morning after we woke up. Sonya, her daughter, and I jetted over to the Knit Nook to check out the sale they were having. Everything was 10-75% off. Of course what I got fell right into the 10% category. PFFFT!
Below is a picture of the store and the bins of sale items they had.
Here's Sonya and Olivia going through a bin of goodies.
This is my purchase of the day. This yarn will become the Bar Harbor Shell Bag.
Here's the beginning of what I have started.
Here I am shopping. Oh the temptation of it all!

And finally, in other news, I am now on Ravelry!! I can't wait to get to know MORE knitters!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Friday, July 13, 2007

I got the blues... But in a good way!! Jana was my swap partner and she sent me some great goodies

I got some awesome sock yarn, a pez dispenser (of Donkey from Shreck) and cute cute change purse, and the blue thing on the left, when you open it, it's a little manicure kit!! VERY COOL. On the right you'll see blue Kleenex with Popsicles on it. Nathan already tried to open it to get a Popsicle

Jana also sent me her fabric stash.... MY GOODNESS JANA!!! I'm one happy girl right now. There's some awesome fabric in there!

Yesterday the boys, my mom and I went by to see my grandmother. It was nice to visit her. While in NH I call her every Sunday to chat. My dad says that just makes her day! Nathan and Jacob walked in, hugged her, then went straight to the kitchen to get heart shaped suckers.
Outside the Derby Museum and Churchill Downs there are a lot of bricks that were bought and dedicated and such to whomever... This one was kinda sweet. :)
Yeah I know what your thinking. What the heck is Lora doing taking a picture of a truck load of port-a-potties. Well when I tell you why I think a couple of you would agree to stow away in one like I want to do. These are not for Derby, these are not for Oaks. No no, these are port-a-potties brought in for a concert that's going on soon at Churchill Downs. Who's coming in Concert you ask?? Why it's "The Police"!!!!!! Wouldn't that be a FUN concert to go too?!?

Tonight I'm going out with the knitting gals. We are having a knitting slumber/karaoke party. At least I hope Stacy brings the karaoke machine. :):)

Well I have to go now. Nathan is trying to take over every TV in the house with movies HE wants to watch LOL.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

It has been a couple days since I've posted (Thanks to Jackie's reminder), SO I start you off with the cutest picture ever!! Lana shares here Popsicle with Nathan. Precious!
Saturday night we went out dancing and saw a drag show with our friends Rachel and Karen. Karen looks pretty scared in this picture for some odd reason...??
Mom and I took a day to do some yarn shopping. We went into Ben Franklin Crafts and they had this horse in there. It was a wild ride. This ride was pretty old and jerky!
Yesterday we met up with and OLD friend who I have not seen since like 1990-1991!!! She's never even met Brent! We went to Gatti-land (might as well be at Chuck E. Cheese..mad house) and we had a blast!! Jacob and Nathan played LOTS of games. Air hockey was a hit!
Bumper cars were fun too.
After Gatti-land we all drove over to the Kentucky Derby Museum. Very nice and the tour guide was very informative and peppy and made the tour even cooler! I lived in Louisville for 35 years and never took the tour and actually learned a lot about the race track that was always practically in my back yard.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

HEY! I figured out how to get the pictures from the internal memory to the memory card!!! ya go!!!
Sonya at O'Sheas Thursday night.
Carl singing away!
Mom's finished socks!!! First time doing two on one needle! Awesome job MOM
Started: June 26, 2007
Finished: July 5, 2007
Yarn: Sereknity Sock Options in colorway Breakfast at Tiffany's

Isn't she just too cute??!??!

Friday, July 06, 2007

So today I was going to share some pictures with you. Pictures from Sonya and I going out last night, and pictures of mom's finished socks. Yes I *WAS* going to show you. BUT 1. I forgot to put the little memory card in the camera after downloading them on mom's computer, so the pictures are stored on the internal memory on the camera, 2. I left the camera cable at home (duh), and 3. I have no clue if I can transfer the pictures from the internal memory to the little card..... SO as soon as mom downloads pictures from her camera I can show you her socks. Awesome.

Anyway, Sonya and I went out last night. You know what we look like...look a few post down. We went out to O'Shea's Irish Pub and had some Hot Pepper Cheese Balls and Sonya had a Salad too. My friend Carl was there playing, so we had a good time listening to him and chatting with him about songs and such. He pulled some obscure 80's songs out of no where!! Sonya knew them but (guess what Gina!) I didn't!! Sonya and I tried to help him through the lyrics of "Fire and Rain" We did pretty good. I googled the lyrics today and we mixed a couple verses up. But we got the general idea across. I don't think the drunkards knew otherwise. LOL
OMG YES I have to mention this. THE SMOKING BAN IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I love it! I came home smelling just as I had when I left to go out!! haha... I did not have to wash the smoke smell from my hair after a night in a bar!! How awesome is that?!?
Thanks for a fun night out Sonya and Carl. :) I love Louisville. :)
Manchvegas ready to help me get my NH mojo back...I'm going to be home sick for sure! haha

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Day after 4th of July!! We had a wonderful holiday and for the FIRST time ever our kids played with sparklers! Jacob has never been interested in fireworks and still doesn't care much for them, but this year he was brave and tried the sparklers!

Nathan thought the sparklers were cool too.
The boys (and Honey baby, the dog) stayed in the house at the in-laws house while we shot off fireworks outside. They chose to watch from the window.After the in laws we headed over to our old stomping ground and hung out with some friends. MAN I miss these people! I'm so excited we are all going out on Saturday night! Brent is just a regular jungle gym for the kiddo's!! And finally, MY knitting. I have been working on some socks. This is yarn from Heather of Sereknity Yarns. I *think* it's the Belladonna?? Anyway I LOVE how the pattern is POPPING out on these!! I did this in the blue Wildfoote yarn for mom and the pattern wasn't as obvious! These will look awesome when finished!! I finished one sock on the way here to KY but I'll wait and get a picture of it when the second one is done (on the ride back to NH)

Sonya blogged about mom's socks. MAN she's moving along!!! Did you see? Doesn't she look SUPER happy to be doing two at once!!! Again this is Heather's Yarn from Sereknity.
Below is me and the beautiful Miss Olivia (Sonya's cool daughter!) That's our good friend Jill in the Orangey/Red shirt on the right.

OH yeah..Manchvegas gals!! Thanks for the message on my cell phone last night!! Who was that hollering at Brent in the background?!? LOL I miss you all too!! I called Gina today and talked to her for a bit! It was nice to hear her voice. Hey Melissa, how did Lincoln do with the fireworks?? I'm not sure how he'd react!
Nathan has been asking to come home! Back to New Hampshire!!! I'm glad he now considers that home. The other day he said "Mommy, I want to go NATHAN'S Home!" I was like...awwww..Not yet kid! LOL
My brother's family and my menfolk and I are all off to Walmart tonight to the Portrait Studio to get a "family" picture taken for Mom. Her one request while we're here. How can we say no when she's letting us stay at her house and at this VERY MOMENT making brownies with peanut butter in it!! yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Yesterday Brent and I met up with our friends Sonya (and her two boys) and Priscilla (and her two kids with a friend taggin along. the more the merrier!) Here's Sonya and I sitting in the shade. The bridge behind us will go under construction soon to be a pedestrian bridge and you can walk from Indiana to Kentucky across the Ohio River. Won't be catching me on that too soon!
Jacob (in the green shirt) Eli (Blue shorts) and Alex (back to us, I think that's him) were digging a serious hole and filling it with water in the sand box area.
Here's a shot of Jacob bringing more water. The water park is behind him and that's the same bridge that I spoke about above. Far in the back ground is Indiana, but we're still in Kentucky. Today we had the joy of relaxing at a friends house who had an awesome pool!!! Jacob and Nathan were like fish in the water all day! Nathan was in from 1-4pm constantly.....only got out to pee and take ONE bite of a cracker. Check out Jacob jumping in the pool!!! FUN FUN.
Most of the day we had the pool to ourselves. Some of our friends family showed up and it was great to see them. Even got to see a little one that was born right around the time we moved to NH that we never saw. CUTE!!! (Jackie I need ANOTHER suitcase! you're slackin' girlie)
I went knitting tonight with mom and Sonya. We had a great time and I'm going to snag some pictures from Sonya. She took some tonight since my camera card was full of pictures. I've downloaded all my pictures to mom's computer to burn later for the trip home. So watch for more pics.