Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jacob and I were having a talk about Valentine's day. This afternoon's converstaion with Jacob ended a little like this......
Me: Jake, ya know Valentine's day is coming up. What do you want to do for Mrs. C? (his teacher)
Jake: OH...I don't know.... maybe you should knit her something...ya know..... (very excitingly) LIKE A SWEATER!!!

now insert laughter....

Needless to say..No was my answer on that....but I've got other knitty ideas in mind. Hopefully he'll like what I do... I'll rehash then when I finish the V-day gift and let you know his response.

{shaking head and laughing........ silly boy}

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Things are Cold!! I mean C-O-L-D... do you hear me?!? so I made Mr. Bean some mittens! I think they turned out cute! Thanks to Jackie for the pattern (how are your mittens coming along?)
Remember those Jaywalker socks I posted a start of back a couple post ago?? Well I worked and worked on down to the foot... about an inch or so where I would decrease for the toe... AND RIPPED THEM BOTH OUT!!!!!!! Frogged the whole project... two socks on one needle, GONE! They just weren't feeling right and the ankle/heel area was tight. These are for my mother so I didn't want her to have to break a sweat trying to get the sock over her heel, so I frogged it!
Not much else has been going on. I should be able to start my Lady Eleanor stole soon. Almost have enough yarn to make it. I thought about starting but I want to get all the yarn so I can lay out how I want it since I'm using three different colorways of Noro's Silk Garden, and ya know that stuffs not cheap! woo! But it's going to be sooo pretty and comfy and nice (if mom doesn't steal it when she sees it LOL! she's my biggest fan!)
Hubby's been traveling so I've been a Stay at home Single mom for awhile. Know what.. Don't like it. I like having Brent around. I miss him when he's gone. The boys REAALLLY miss him when he's gone. I am not a good wrestler. Last night I just stood and watched as the boys jumped on the bed. You think I'm getting in there with those wild boys!! haha NOT happening. LOL
I missed the Manchvegas knitting group last week and filled that void with a visit to Concord's knitting group on Sunday. I had a good time there and got a little Manchvegas fill with Donna and Sarah both being there (and both being blogless that I know of.) I hope to swing by the book store this week and just say HI and maybe let the boys play with the train and knit one or two rows of what ever I'm working on. Just have to see how the day goes.
Hope all is well with everyone. Drop me a line! Lemme know you were here.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I woke up to snow. But that's ok!! My hands will be nice and warm (Jackie don't shoot me please!!) I got my Corazon Mittens finished!! And the cool thing is (Jackie you'll like this) I used ONE BALL of red and One ball of Grey. I have a lot of Grey left and this much red.

The pattern called for two balls of your main color and one ball of contrasting color, which I had on hand but I thought I'd see how far I could get mitten #2 out of ball #1.
So here's the Details:
Pattern: Corazon from
Yarn: RY Cashsoft DK
Cast On: Jan 13th
Cast Off: Jan 19
Will I make again? Maybe!!! But now I have to get back to some sock for my Mom. :) Here's the mittens!! LOOOOVE THEM!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy Friday!!! A cute video that will hopefully make you smile!! I totally love it and want to get up and dance with them! So get up and shake what your momma gave ya! :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cold and Ice in NH.
We are fine and warm. There is ice all over everything, but we're getting around fine. Nathan and I ran a couple errands today with out any troubles....well ok I had trouble getting back UP the driveway, but once I slid back out for about the 5th time and got a running start, I made it up the teeny tiny incline with out the tires slipping on the ice as much. It was kinda funny, I was just sitting in the car laughing at the situation (Nathan wasn't amused...??).
We lost power last night, but only for about 45 minutes. The boys were already in bed asleep so we just piled some extra blankets on them. We lit some candles and I read a book with a little flash light. I thought about knitting and just ended up reading about knitting. When the power came back on, so did half the lights in the house, 2 of the tv's and who knows what else!

This is the candle on our piano. Love the dots on the wall!!
This picture is looking out our kitchen window towards the street...and icey street at that!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Hello all!!! Things are going well. Nothing to report on the knitting end...still working on the socks and the scarf, but today I finished up some sewing and I have some items in my etsy shop. SO...if you get a chance, take a look and spread the word to anyone you think needs a cute project bag!! Click on the image below to go to my etsy! Thanks for looking through the keyhole!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I love reading Stardust Shoes Blog!! She has the cutest things. She posted these three fabrics the other day and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the one in the middle!!
So here's the contest. If you are out and about and you see this fabric, make a note who makes it and where you saw it, then come back and tell me. First one to respond gets this sock blocker keychain from me with a cute little knitted sock that I knit out of the goblin yarn. :) yeah I'll get the key ring on it before I send it :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hello there! Couple things to post about. I finished the Cascading Leaves socks made from Heather's Witchy yarn. LOOOOVE IT!
On the needles now are a scarf and some jaywalker socks for mom.
I also had the sewing machine going this week and finally figured out a way to make some sock projects bag!! I have some Elvis bags in the wings, they just aren't sewn up yet. A couple kinda puckered but once you get the drawstring in and cinch the sack up, what's the difference? It'll be fine :) They were fun and I'll probably put a couple on my etsy and some will be gifts for ??? who knows. I do believe that bag with the elephants will remain with me though :):) Hey Jackie, you're not the only one with a cute hat. This was made by Ericka and boy it is soft and warm. I'm trading some beading lessons for her sister for the hat. Is that sweet or what?!? And yes, it fits over my big melon head and mop of hair!!
In other fun news!!! My parents booked a flight to come for a visit!! I can't wait!!! They'll be here the end of Feb!! WOOHOO! Only 8 weeks!! I can make it!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My Husband thinks he's funny....putting my yarn in my craft trash bin. Luckily it was clean and empty!!! (If you know me you know I never throw anything away!)Check out this stash!! Let me tell you what's there.
On the top row we have Lorna's Lace ShepSock Yarn. On the left, the purple and green is called Jungle Stripe and yes it's self striping! Mom bought that for me. Next to it...the pretty browns is called Safari, mom bought this for her, gladly put it in my bag and said "Make me socks!" with a big grin! How could I resist!??
Second row is Wildfoote Sock yarn. Left to right we have Desert Grass (mine), Elderberry in the middle (more socks for mom), and then Bluegrass (also for mom)
Bottom row we have Noro! Three Silk Gardens and four Kureyon's. I make the stole I want out of the Silk Garden or the Kureyon?? Either way I'll need more yarn!! MORE YARN!! I thought maybe I could mix them but there is a definate difference in the feeling of both of these, so I don't think that's an option. What to dooooo What to doooo!! Who cares!! It's YARN!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!! We are home in New Hampshire. We came home to Snow!! What the....??? We left 60 degree weather for this?!?! Oh Please!! We haven't left the house much since we got home. I did go to the grocery yesterday, and that's the only time I've left the house since we've been home. The flight home was good but LONG!! Our plane was scheduled to leave KY at 6:35 but it was delayed until big deal... but we were flying to Chicago... when we got there our plane was delayed yet again, no big deal, oh wait, they are an hour behind us so that adds up to 1...2.... 2 hours and 50 minute delay! OH BIG DEAL! we are spending time in Chicago's airport waiting "patiently". We played games, rode the walking sidewalks, A LOT, Jake watched a movie, I read some of my book (Nope, didn't have my knitting with me, I could have finished that second sock, dag it!) Brent and the boys went and found us some food to eat. I sat with our bags. While I was sitting there reading, I stopped to look at what was around me. Christmas music playing, Christmas decorations all over, tired and weary travelers.....hey wait a I in a Christmas holiday travel movie gone BORED?? Where are the cameras? It was humourous at the time, trust me. Jacob watching a movie.
Nathan and Brent rolling the soccer ball we forgot to deflate to pack. haha.

This is a great shot of the boys and Brent on the way to Kentucky on the plane. Both of the boys first plane trip. They were great! Going to Ky and coming back to Nh.
Here I am Skymall shopping... OH LOOK a Christmas Palm tree!! Cool.
Nathan taking in a movie on the trip to KY.
Jacob snacking on the airplane crackers.
And this picture just cracks me up! Lana knew the exact moment to reach for that tree! But Brent had her just far enough she could barely touch the tree. This was taken at my grandmother's house Christmas day. Seems I've gone overboard on pictures the past couple post, but this had to be the best Christmas in a long time. I was a joy to see my family after 4 months away from them. What was my best Christmas present this year you ask??? AIRPLANE TICKETS!!! (yarn was a close second, haha)