Monday, January 02, 2006

Brent and I had a wonderful new years eve! We went to Bearno's By the Bridge and listened to Strumbeat and a little of Butch Rice. It was a blast. Once we found out we got a free cab ride home with our payment of getting in the place we found another new friend for the night!

Meet Mark.......Makers Mark... Very Smooth individual! LOL good with coke too. I'm hoping that the bands will post some pictures because I forgot my camera that night...dag it!

We've been relaxing around the house the past 2 days. Jacob goes back to school tomorrow and Brent goes back to work and I guess that means I go back to looking for a job! I've dabbled here and there online the past two weeks but not seriously looking since it was the holidays.

Hey Carol... Are you home yet?? I'm just dieing to know where your hubby took you!!! I guess it wasn't here since you didn't come see me. ;)

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