Friday, February 24, 2006

WOW Do I have some show and tell stuff today! I am so dang proud of myself!! I tackled the sewing machine!! I haven't used one since highschool!! I am going to Magic, Mischief and Mayhem in April (Check out the link, you'll be jealous!), and I had to have a doll for prepared before the weekend of the retreat. I was worried about this and now I'm kicking myself because I made it harder in my mind than it really was!!! SO without rambling on (which I'll continue to do after the pictures) Here are two pictures of the doll!! You'll see a coke can on the desk beside her to see how TALL she really is!! This was a big project for me! I started it yesterday and finished today (WHILE NATHAN WAS AWAKE!!!!)
ok ok here's the doll~

So what do you think!! Pretty dang good for the first time eh?!?!? OK OK yes the chocolate in the back helps!!

I also finished a knitted dish cloth that I gave to my friend Grace. It has music notes on it. I finished it Tuesday night!! OMG can you believe I got TWO projects finished in ONE WEEK!!! Now I need to pull out that scarf and finish it because I know Tuesday I need to give Stacy her needles back I borrowed LOL!

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Mamarox said...

I LOVE her and can hardly stand the anticpation of her embellishment. so, what do think? sewing a doll form is kinda fun, right?
You and Dot are going to have so much fun creating that weekend, I am terribly jealous.
here's to your creative muse!! (lifting a big ol Mudslide!)