Thursday, March 02, 2006


four jobs I have had:
1. cashier at "Everything's a $1.00"
2. sales clerk at Baby Superstore
3. data entry clerk at UPS
4. administrative assistant

four movies I can watch over and over:
1. Mystic Pizza
2. Garden State
3. Shag
4. The Object of My Affection

four places I have lived:
Only in Louisville so here are the street names
1. Camden Ave
2. Bowman Ave
3. MaryEllen Dr.
4. Dart Dr.

four tv shows I love:
1. I Love Lucy
2. Laverne & Shirley
3. Friends
4. American Idol

four places I have vacationed:
1. Bristol, RI
2. Westerly, RI
3. Ocean City, MD (Assateaque Island)
4. Minneapolis, MN (Very short SHORT vacation)

four of my favorite foods:
1. Reece's Peanut Butter Cups
2. Mexican food
3. mom's potato salad
4. Dib's Ice Cream

four albums I can't live without:
1. "No word from Tom" by Hem
2. "Living Under June" By Jann Arden
3. "Happy?" by Jann Arden
4. "Songs from an American Movie, Vol. 1: Learning How to Smile" by Everclear

four sites I visit almost daily:
1. Bead Art
3. Several Friends Blogs

four places I would rather be now:
1. Walking on Bardstown road with Hubby.
2. Rhode Island
3. Somewhere visiting a friend who loves beads and art as much as I do
4. up in my attic playing with my beads.

four items in my purse:
1. ink pen
2. wallet
3. lip gloss from Heather
4. a post card to an art gallery show

This meme is courtesy of
Mamarox, she tagged anybody who hadn't done it it yet so I am going to do the same thing, TAG, You're IT!

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