Sunday, April 30, 2006

Today was a fun kind of day. I went back to the art fair I went to yesterday and picked up the cutest little change purse! You can check them out at they are under the "small works" section. I got one that has a teacup on it... so precious :)

I also got together with some friends and their kiddo's and we played with stamps, glue, yarn, fabric, star sequins, you name it!!! And I made these little dolls after being at the Magic, Mischief and Mayhem weekend in Richmond, inspired by Di (one of the teachers) I think I'll make them into pins. :)

Then my brother in law who is stationed in Afganistan showed up at the Movie store with Jacob and I went to rent some movies...He's on a 2 week leave and staying with us. Jacob is SO excited....He wants Uncle Chris to take him to the bus stop in the morning! LOL Does this mean I can sleep in?!?

And then TOMORROW I shall be an aunt AGAIN! My brother and his wife will be going into the hospital tomorrow to have Lana!! I'm so excited! Fun stuff!

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