Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hello from New Hampshire. (ok so we're home now...) This is Brent and I driving around New Hampshire. Pretty cool huh. ok ok not exciting, I know. Brent went up there for an interview....I tagged along to check out the place. WOO Beautiful!
This is a cool little diner we found and had breakfast. We had to ask what BFT was...we weren't quite sure.... Do you know??
OH for the love of pete!! An EMPTY Bead store......say it isn't so Ethel!! Hey but check out the reflection of that hot couple...doesn't Brent look excited! haha!

We found a funny little cigar shop and couldn't resist taking Brent's picture with the little man outside.
It was a nice 2 days! We enjoyed ourselves. We just have to see if the company makes and offer and see what the offer is before we know what our future holds.
I do know that our future holds we need a new washing machine. Our motor quit!! We just got home from the laundry mat and boy that was expensive. Luckily we can bring the wet clothes home and dry them in our tonight it's drying clothes and watching movies for us!! Have a great weekend.

Oh yeah... BFT?? Big French Toast!

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sassybead said...

Well, Lora...maybe that empty bead shop is something in your future...maybe it needs a new owner...just thinkin'....!