Friday, May 12, 2006

I Don't Know What To Do!!!! (brain overload!)

I had such a cool day today...and it's not even over!! I spent the morning with my friend Sonya, we went to a little Yarn shop in Jeffersonville, IN and then to her house to just chit-chat. It was nice to have an adult to talk to during the day!! Here's my score from the yarn store and a book I borrowed from Sonya.

The I finished off a bracelet when I got home that I was knitting for a friend. Now she has to pick which green one she wants. I wish the picture was clearer!! These are MaryElla Bracelets, I got the pattern from and the kits from So Heather, if you can tell by these and get a good look...pick one :) If not I'll see what I can do to get the scanner back up and going and try and scan them.

Then!! Nope not finished yet... The mail comes! Thank you note from a friend (always cheers ya!), invitation to a Bachelorette Party (hello FUN!!) and a package from my Sassy friend Carol. MAN O MAN, does she spoil me. I requested some stamped cards from her for my workshops so show as examples...well she sent me quite a few (THANK YOU!) and then.....THEN!!! All of this coooooool fabric and a too cute for words pin cushion!

What an awesome day!!! Thank you Carol for all the goodies...The button totally rocks :)!! Who wouldn't want a button with some hot guys on it!! **wink wink**


Mamarox said...

I just figured I could start you on a fabric stash {grin} Have fun and yes, those guys are HOT!

Denise said...

I like the light green! It's the beautiful bright green of spring! So if Heather likes the other one...well!
I'm glad you had a great day!
Cheers, D