Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Brent has been working so hard on the house!! The other day he resurfaced the front porch and put new carpet on it. I helped him paint the base of the house and the shutters on the front of the house.

Nathan just decided he would play while we worked. I had to take a walk every once in awhile to get him back infront of the house.
This is Lincoln....he's the supervisor of the job of fixing the house.
No Nonsense, No Playing, Get to work.....I'm serious....
And here is our little house!! Man I'm going to miss it especially after the work we've done to make it look nicer...Brent and I kinda looked at each other the other day and said, "Kinda sorry we didn't do this sooner!" So if you are thinking of doing it ONE DAY!! Hurry and do it so you can enjoy it and not move out 2 weeks after you do it!!! :)
Here's a shot of the guys putting the glue down. Jacob loved helping daddy and Miguel (our neighbor, boy I'll miss his cookouts! They have GREAT Fajitas!)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Lora - I live in your house! Okay, it *looks* like your house. We put an addition on it, so I should say, it USED to look like your house. :) Good luck with the move! Dulcey

Sioux said...

Great photos, Lora. Love Nathan's red hair!!