Monday, July 03, 2006

Here are some pictures from girls night out! From left to right, Me (what's up with the poor posture?!?), Tina (Best friend and was maid of honor at my wedding), Meredith (know her since 6th grade!) and Sarah (Bet you wouldn't guess she was one kick a$$ drummer in highschool). We went to a place where you paint your own pottery. (sorry the picture's so dark)

Sarah made a "Happy Birthday" Mug. She said she already had a plate that said "Happy Birthday" on it and when it's someone's birthday in their family, they eat every meal on that plate the day of their birthday. Glad they finally get a mug to wash it all down with! HAHA!! Meredith was the adventurous one of the group and she did two projects. The one shown is a gift for her soon to be niece. A "Z" for Zoe. Very whimsical! She also did a cat dish bowl. Too cute!
I was all excited about going to the paint your own pottery place!! I thought "OH I can create and not have to mess any of MY house up. I got in there and ...... "insert blank thoughts here"..... I had NO IDEA what I wanted to do! I started out with an 8" tile and was just going to doodle on it. Then I saw this sassy little sushi salad dish and in a book saw a bowl that said "Keys" on it. So I thought, "Hey I'll do that! Very cool idea!" Now when we move we'll have a place to set our keys!!! Note: I can not find my keys right now... I'm using my spare set. Cowinkydink??? I think so!
And Tina....she asked me if I was going to put this on my page, and I told her "No, just my blog!" I'm sure she'll pay me back one way or another! Her and her Husband do these BBQ festivals and competitions, so she made a cool platter. SHE DREW THAT!! No template, no picture in front of her....nothing... Isn't it awesome! We won't get our pottery back until sometime this week I think. I can't wait to see how they all turn out!
In other "moving" news...I got my beads and stamps and yarn and sewing stuff alllll packed up. The room is starting to look so empty. Hope I can make it with out any of my stuff! I did keep some yarn in my knitting bag so I can still have a couple knitting projects at hand. Well, guess I should do something around the house. It's just not packing itself!

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Thien-Kim said...

That looks like fun! I've always wanted to go do that. Hmm, now to find some crafty friends.