Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Little Outlaws!!! I was sitting in the basement feeding my niece, Lana, her bottle when these two rootin' tootin' varments came down the steps with their cowboys hats on. Nathan had his on sideways...I was Crackin' UP!!! The little fella in the grey shirt is my nephew, Luke.
Off they go to terrorize the upstairs of the house!! Watch out world!! Luke and Nathan are on the job!
OH this made my day!! Luke was born 6 days before Nathan. They are two 2 year old wild ones right now, but OH they're fun!!
One day Luke had a poptart and he broke it in half and I asked "OH! Was that magic?" And I swear he looked me square in the eye like I had lost it and said, "No...It's a poptart." I just thought I'd cry from laughing so hard!