Thursday, July 20, 2006

Things are moving right along.

This past Tuesday night I went to "Knitting Practice" (as Jacob calls it) and the girls gave me gifts!!!! Sonya, Tabitha and Stacy got me some Makers Mark (OH YEAH BABY!), and a Sunergo's Coffee Shop t-shirt where we meet. Stacy stuck in some left over yarn from a sweater she made, which we will NEVER forget how much work she put into calculating the thing to "Fit" tee hee!! (it is a beautiful sweater, Stacy, just have to keep razzing you about it for fun!!) and there was a baggie of scrap fabrics too!! Man I miss my sewing machine!! Ruth made me some fingerless gloves out of some Moda Yarn and MAN is that stuff soft!! She said it was for the cold climate so I could still knit!!! LOVE IT!!! I'll get a picture when I find out where Brent packed the camera. Then we all went to Karma Cafe and got a bite to eat and heard some live music, then across the street to Akiko's for some Karaoke fun!! Ruth got SSSShhhhh'ed by a girl in love with her MAN singing and we all got a giggle out of that and so Ruth pulled out a note book and we all wrote in the book what we wanted to say to each other. It was fun!!! THANKS GIRLS!!!

Tomorrow, Brent and I head to NH. The boys will be staying with my parents while we look for a place to live. Post may be scattered for a bit but I'll try to keep any interested readers up on the happenings!!! Our house is up for sale and I saw it online. Check it out here if you want to move to Kentucky!!! :)


judie said...

Travel safely.

Becca said...

you're coming tomorrow?!?!?!

you shoulda told me!!!

play's in manchester, tomorrow and saturday night, if you're not too pooped from house hunting. :) or we can maybe meet for lunch if we're near the same area. :-D

DEFINITELY call my cell or my mommy's - I'm gonna go look for your e-mail so i can send them to you.

Stacy Hayes said...

Hey, told ya I thought I was finally on here LOL! Sorry I had to leave so early that night :( I had a GREAT time while I was there! I still can't believe that you won't be there anymore!!! I hope you are having a wonderful time! And I'm glad to hear NH is beautiful! You will make your mark for sure!