Monday, October 30, 2006

The guys and I had great fun carving pumpkins yesterday!! Jacob really got into digging out the guts...Nathan lasted about 10 minutes then he was off playing in the other room. We went trick or treating around the city yesterday and had a grand time!! I thought I wouldn't like trick or treating during the day time, because Manchester did it from 1 - 4 yesterday, but it was FUN! It was so cool to see the kids and their costumes and we trick or treated in our own neighborhood and there were KIDS everywhere!! It was GREAT!! Afterwards we came home and rented movies and ordered pizza and just relaxed!! It was a wonderful day!! I carved the pumpkin above, Jacob cleaned out the guts with me.
Nathan and Brent worked on this little pumpkin above. On the reverse side it says "NATE" too cool!
This is the beginning. Getting the tops off and preparing for guts!Digging out the guts....icky!
Jacob digs out the guts...he doesn't need a tool, he has his hands. Below is the kitchen table after carving.
and Below are the pumpkins on our front porch in the dark.


Jennifer said...

Cool pumpkins! (Which reminds me -I better get cracking on my jack-o-lanterns lol) Lovely finish to Soctober as well :)

Jackie said...

Awesome job on the pumpkins! I have to get mine done today!

Gigi said...

Your pumpkins are waaaaaay cooler than the ones I made as a kid, or even as an adult! Good job. Nice to know your first NE Halloween was a hit.

YogaGardenGirl said...

Beautiful pumpkins!!!! Love those pics!

The Lone Beader said...

Those are wicked cool jack o'lanterns!! Happy Halloween:)