Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Happy Tuesday.

Over the weekend I went to Concord to the NH Bead Society and met a great bunch of gals. My friend, Ellen, who I met last year in Louisville when she was visiting, picked me up and took me with her. The lesson of the day was netting. I've done netting before so I set out to make a bracelet while everyone else learned the technique or just did their own thing. I have the bracelet finished except for the clasp. I'm going to have to order some. Once it has the clasp on it I'll get a picture. I also started a very cool peyote bracelet in golds and coppers. It's not quite done yet either, but when it's finished I'll get a shot of it.
I did however do some stringing yesterday. I normally like to do bead weaving, but I didn't have enough swarovski's to do what I wanted, so instead I did this.
I don't remember what the square beads were, but they are glass. The swarovski's I used were Rose and they were 6mm. The toggles are just something I had in my bead stash...no clue what they are, and then there are the pink seed beads. All this was strung with Power Pro thread.

Now as I type this and show you this I have to laugh. I was telling Ellen on our drive to Concord that I'm not a stringer. I have trouble with the layout and design of stringing, but I think since I didn't have tooooo many different shaped beads and they were all the same color family, I think it turned out pretty good!

And I'm still working on those socks a couple post ago for Socktober. I will finish them before the end of October! I want to start my goblin socks. That is yummy yarn! Still have to pick out what pattern I want to use for them :)

Some of the gals that are celebrating Socktober are posting pictures of their stash of sock yarn. I don't even think mines worth gathering for a picture. Here's what I have:

One skein of Goblin Yarn I bought off Etsy
1 ball of Cascade Fixation in Hot Pink
1 ball of Cascade Fixation in Black
2 skiens of Lang Yarn Jarwoll which are on the needles and you've seen.

Yes folks, that is my measley sock yarn stash.

Now...if you want to count the leftover sock yarn I have from a robot and a failed attempt for a cell phone cover then add this:

1 not so much of a skein of Memories "Gladious??" or something like that as a gift from Heather that she ordered from Knitpicks.
1 not so much of a skein of some kind of sock yarn from Michaels in Kentucky I bought back in my newbie knitting days.

T-t-t-that's all f-f-folks......


Charlene said...

Hey Lora, good job on the stringing :) What a great day you had with Ellen. Sure do miss you. Thought about calling you to get together this weekend :( Keep up the good work!

ErickaJo said...

You can't be sneaky. I saw those four skeins that you just ordered... one of us. One of us.

Lora said...

Ericka!! shhhhhhhhh