Monday, November 06, 2006

I had wonderful weekend away with some wonderful gals!! Lots of Knitting, eatting and oh the stories!! I took a dive and tried to learn Entrelac. So I started a pillow cover in Entrelac. I really think I need to go back to Grand View be cause I sat down today and it alllllll looks foreign to me... I don't even know where I am on the silly thing! I'm trying to finish it off so I can make it into a pillow. Jacob has already tried to claim it, but I told him back off, it's not even off the needles!! Ha ha. Below is me, happy I'm understanding how it's working (wish you could see me now, I'm soooo confused!) (picture by Gaye)
This is my little work area and my Entrelac, Mtn. Dew, Water, TEQUILA BALLS (yum) and otherLooking down the table to my right I could see Caroline's sock in progress, Heather's sweater and Amy's hat and yes CHOCOLATE!! Pass some down to our end of the table please!
Here you see Gina's blue sweater, Laurin's wrist warmer, and Lisa's (knitting virgin) first ever scarf! She did a great job and practically finished her first skein that weekend!!!
This is me outside the Grand View Lodge. That Mountian behind me was the same mountian I could see to my room window too! Beautiful!

Thanks girls for a FAB Weekend!! If you want to see more pictures and stories check out these girls, I'm sure they'll have blackmail pictures and stories up soon too:



YogaGardenGirl said...

I am SOO glad you were able to come on our trip, Lora. You were the life of the party and I will never forget your'll have to teach me some songs! Your entrelac pillow amazed me and I hope you'll get it finished with as little aggravation as possible. Hope you'll like the new podcast!

Jennifer said...

I am so jealous - a knitting weekend away is my dream! Hopefully I can work one in one of these days, if not maybe I can just squeeze in some tequila

Your entrelac is amazing, BTW.

jackie said...

We definately need to go to karaoke one of these nights. You know ALL the songs! The enterlac is so impressive. I can't belive you did that unter the influence.