Monday, December 04, 2006

Happy Monday, Sit back and great ready for some knitting FINISHED OBJECTS!!

I made a cute little sock blocker keychain! I did this last Wednesday night at "knitting practice" and finished it at Famous Dave's later that night after "knitting practice" while having some refreshments with some fellow knitters.
Secondly, I made a pair of Fingerless Mittens. This was done with some left over yarn and I love how they turned out!!
Next in line is a cute Wee Bird from KnitSimple's holiday magazine. I plan on making some more of these little gems! I made this one yesterday while knitting with the Concord group of knitters.
Next we have little thumbless mittens for my niece, Lana. She's 7 months old and just a precious little thing, and I miss her dearly! Can't wait to see her Christmas!
And finally, this is a hat for my niece, Lacey, Lana's older sister. Lacey had started a hat with this yarn when I lived in Kentucky on one of my knifty knitters. I took it off the knifty knitter and just did a 2x2 rib and then some stockinette on the top for a simple but cute hat!! I love it! to knit some more birds :)


Nichole said...

Your mini sock came out adorable and your fingerless mitts... well, the picture just does not do them justice! They were gorgeous in person! Love the hat and little birdie too!

YogaGardenGirl said...

Lora, you knitting maniac!!! You're in a knitting frenzy! LOL! Everything you made is adorable...I especially like the bird and the fingerless mitts you designed. You rock!

Lora said...

Oh Gina you flatter me but I didn't design the mitts... found them online :)
Thanks Nichole

Loretta said...

oh Lora... love the little sock keychain how cute!... I bet Lacey will love getting the hat.. You are going back to KY for Christmas??? oh I'm sure you're probably already packed huh? LOL

Nichole said...

Lora, were those the "Glove Bites" from Vickie Howell's blog??

Jackie said...

My you've been busy! We're gonna have to start calling you "Gina Jr."!