Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hello there! Couple things to post about. I finished the Cascading Leaves socks made from Heather's Witchy yarn. LOOOOVE IT!
On the needles now are a scarf and some jaywalker socks for mom.
I also had the sewing machine going this week and finally figured out a way to make some sock projects bag!! I have some Elvis bags in the wings, they just aren't sewn up yet. A couple kinda puckered but once you get the drawstring in and cinch the sack up, what's the difference? It'll be fine :) They were fun and I'll probably put a couple on my etsy and some will be gifts for ??? who knows. I do believe that bag with the elephants will remain with me though :):) Hey Jackie, you're not the only one with a cute hat. This was made by Ericka and boy it is soft and warm. I'm trading some beading lessons for her sister for the hat. Is that sweet or what?!? And yes, it fits over my big melon head and mop of hair!!
In other fun news!!! My parents booked a flight to come for a visit!! I can't wait!!! They'll be here the end of Feb!! WOOHOO! Only 8 weeks!! I can make it!


Nichole said...

Love the bags! Awesome that you can look forward to a visit from your parents next month too!

Jennifer said...

The Cascading Leaves are gorgeous! Way to go. I might have to make some of those...cute bags too.

YogaGardenGirl said...

Can I tell you how much I LOVE and LUST after your socks??? That Witchy color is awesome and your scarf and new socks are coming out great. LOVE the new bags...will you be bringing them tonight for us to peek at??

Gigi said...

You talented thing you! That scarf is absolutely amazing in person. I never would have thought to combine those two yarns. And witchy, the bags, a new sock? Wonderful. I want to have as much fun as you are. LOL