Saturday, January 20, 2007

I woke up to snow. But that's ok!! My hands will be nice and warm (Jackie don't shoot me please!!) I got my Corazon Mittens finished!! And the cool thing is (Jackie you'll like this) I used ONE BALL of red and One ball of Grey. I have a lot of Grey left and this much red.

The pattern called for two balls of your main color and one ball of contrasting color, which I had on hand but I thought I'd see how far I could get mitten #2 out of ball #1.
So here's the Details:
Pattern: Corazon from
Yarn: RY Cashsoft DK
Cast On: Jan 13th
Cast Off: Jan 19
Will I make again? Maybe!!! But now I have to get back to some sock for my Mom. :) Here's the mittens!! LOOOOVE THEM!


scott said...

cool looking mitt's sis. give the boys hugs from all of us. stay warm.



ErickaJo said...

Fantastic! Now you just need a big, chunky scarf. You know, just in case winter decides to stay awake this time ;)

Gigi said...

Wow can you crank! The mittens are wonderful and just in time for this dip in temperature. Wear them in warmth!

Nichole said...

Love the mittens! Gorgeous work! And thank you so much for my wonderful blog art -- she's beautiful!

Jackie said...

Awesome Job! I haven't even started mine yet. Now I'm even more excited about them!!

YogaGardenGirl said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! What a great job you did!

Heather said...

Those are super cute!!!!