Saturday, April 14, 2007

Reason's why I'm homesick:
1. Lacey 2. Luke and 3. Lana

This is my oldest niece Lacey. (all three of these kids belong to my brother) She is so beautiful! Her and Jacob were always VERY close! They spent quite a bit of time together when we still lived in Kentucky. Spending the night at each other's house and all. Jacob talked to Lacey on the phone the other day and it was so precious! He said "Yeah I miss you too Lacey, I miss you a lot!" and I could tell he meant it!! Lacey used to hang out with Brent and I before we even had Jacob. She was our "Test" kid LOL. We kept her alive while she would spend the night with us, so we decided we could give having our own kids a whirl!
Doesn't she have a beautiful smile. Her and Nathan are the two red heads of the bunch.
Little Miss Lana... oh so precious. Mom says she has an attitude and will set Lacey and Luke straight in a minute!! OH I just wanna hug her. It makes me sick that I'll won't have the time with her like I had with Lacey.
And Luke.... the boy in the bunch. Thank goodness he has boy cousins because he's out numbered on sisters! haha Luke is 6 days older than Nathan. How our family survived me and my Sister in Law being pregnant at the same time I'll never know, but I think we did pretty good. haha Luke is a little ham!! Always saying something totally hilarious. The other night I was talking to him on the phone and he was telling me about how he went to the potty! I was so proud of him! He said "Wora" and I said "Yes Baby."...he paused.."Um I not a baby!" I had to laugh... "Sorry, Yes Luke?" LOL!! Who knows what was said after that but he set me straight that he wasn't a baby anymore!
This is my brother Scott and Lana. They said she would find an egg hunting and wouldn't want to put it down to hunt for another. Now I'll probably live to regret this and be teased to no end from my brother, but Yes..... I miss him too. He picks on me something fierce!! I mean BIG TIME! I hope my Sister in law is doing ok because he's probably doubling up on the picking on her since I'm not around! Sorry Amber! As kids he would even tease me. One time he said, "OH LORA! LOOK! Your name is on a sign!!!" and seeing that I have a name that is not spelled like others I got all excited!! I never see my name on anything. I excitedly replied, "WHERE SCOTT? WHERE?" He said. "Right there... see?? "DIP". " ....... yeah go on and laugh I know you want too. And I fell for that more than one or two times!! I guess I am a dip at times LOL But hey I'm a fun dip... no no not like the candy! LOL


Amanda1 said...

You have some great memories, thanks for sharing! The kids are adorable.

Gigi said...

Oh, what wonderful pictures! The kids are adorable and clearly well loved even from afar. I hope you get to see them again soon!

Sonya said...

Lacey has grown up to be a beautiful little girl. I love the red hair. They will all love having you home for the summer.
Counting the days!
Hey, did Brent ever think about commuting??

Jackie said...

Those kids are adorable. Seriously adorable.

Anonymous said...

I can see why you'd miss those adorable kids!

YogaGardenGirl said...

Oh, what sweet pictures! I know you miss them...will you be seeing them in June?

countrylinedncr said...

Of course they are cute, they are 1/2 mine, LOL...:-) We sure do miss you, too! Can't wait for you to come home again!