Friday, May 18, 2007

Love me Squeeze Me Take ME HOME!!
Sitting on the back step.
pre-felting sitting on Jacob's hand.

FO FOR FRIDAY. Look at my darling Hedge Hog!!!!! Now I just need a name!! I'll take some suggestions from you in comments if you have a name that's just fitting!! :) It's a big hedge hog! Bigger than Nathan's head.
I've been tagged by Jennifer for 8 Random Things about me. I think Heather tagged me too for 7 random things...but I'll spare you with 8.
1. Lately I'm addicted and drawn to hedge hogs! Imagine that. haha. I was surfing the net this morning and found some CUTE hedgehog trim I just would love to have!
2. I like the movie "Grease". Just the first one though. I remember one summer watching it a lot and drinking sweetened iced tea and eating butterfinger candy bars every time I watched it.
3. If I would have had a daughter, I would have named her Claudia.
4. I like Mexican food. I miss Qdoba.
5. I just started drinking coffee when we moved to New England. Before that coffee was gross and disgusting. I like it with French Vanilla creamer and a packet of sweet-n-low.
6. My favorite season is Fall.
7. I do not like riding over bridges. I get antsy driving across them (sometimes go over the speed limit, and I'm a slow driver). Lordy but the Tapenzee Bridge in NY about kills me when we drive over it. I used to hold my breath when I was younger. I can swim, so I have no clue why I don't like them.
8. I love rip your heart out ballads! Nothing like a good song!
ok I have to tag 8 people..I think half my bloggy friends have done this already. so heck If ya wanna do it..say I tagged ya. :)
OH yeah...the hedge hog has a home!! That was just the perfect title for hedgie . :)


Nichole said...

OMG, he's adorable!!! I think he's a Harry.

Loretta said...

I think something off the wall... how about Milton? LOL

Milton the Hedgehog!!

talk with ya soon

Nikkiana said...

Squeeeeee! Hedgie! That is too cute!

Anonymous said...

How about George, Jr (although he looks like he might be bigger than George).

Amanda1 said...

Lora, he ROCKS! Thank you so much for the pattern!

I think I agree with Nichole... Harry.

Lisabeth said...

You could call him "Splinter" :) He's adorable.

Katherine said...

Call him Velcro.

Anonymous said...

How about Henry hedgehog! He looks like a Henry to me.


Jackie said...

How about King George II? OMG he is so freaking cute!

I am with you on bridges. I also hate the Tappenzee. Actually the worst was when I had to drive over the Tobin in Boston in bumper to bumper traffic, that thing would sway!

Sonya said...

Tag Lora!
7 things, If you need to make some stuff up. You know the details.

SleepyEyes said...

I LOVE, LOVE your hedgehog!!!!! He rocks! He should be our new Manchvegas mascot!