Thursday, May 31, 2007

OH Secret Pal....I am bad, I forgot to thank you for the last package you sent!! You can ask my fellow gals I knit with how happy I was because I was showing off my yarn you send BIG TIME when I got it!! The Chocolate Hedge hogs are long gone! haha!!
My pal send me this Mohair & Blue Face Leicester. It has a pattern on it for soft mittens/socks, AND it is from Halifax, Nova Scotia!!! How cool is that! Secret this local yarn made by someone you know? Here's a link on the label if anyone is interested (and knowing some of you, you are!)

Over the Holiday weekend we went camping. We had a blast!! I'll post a couple pictures today and then some more tomorrow. I took like 75 pictures, I promise not to post all of them... I'd be posting forever! LOL Here's a picture of the boys swimming. TOO COLD for mommy! Self Portrait of me and hubby
Jacob and his knife. See it in the tree. Brent was teaching him how to handle the knife safely. The friends we were camping with and Brent were throwing the knives at the trees. Brent gave Jacob a try and this was the outcome. Hit the tree pretty good!! He was tickled. Note: all knives in the house have been hidden now, and a HUGE discussion about how there is no knife throwing allowed unless we were camping and daddy was standing RIGHT beside him to supervise. We're not THAT Crazy people, come on!
And Spagettio's were ate!! Camping's not complete with out a little Spagettio's sauce on ya, right?! :)
And I faced a fear of mine. I walked across this rickety bridge with train tracks on it. Now listen, we got half way across the bridge and looked back at the start of the bridge and there stood our dog Lincoln. He was NOT coming on the bridge....that should have told me something right there!!! Brent had to go back and put the leash on him and practically drag Lincoln across. I thought I'd be the one that would need to be leashed to get across. The boys were bouncy and bubbly the whole time walking across this silly bridge, making it MORE worrisome for me. Brent's laughing the whole time knowing I'm about to freak right the heck out!! But I got across.
Now for the Secret Pal 10 Contest...Post your unfinished projects. Geez, thanks I'm going to be going crazy to try and finish this stuff and hubby will know there's NO reason to buy yarn until these are finished. haha just teasing.
Above we have the Lillehammer hat from Cider Moon. (Free Pattern!! Go get it now!) Very easy knit for beginning color work. I'm enjoying it greatly!!! This is the second hat I've made from their free patterns. I hope to have this hat done today!! It would be great to have a FO to post for tomorrow.
Above, um.. well... uh.... OK..This. Yeah I don't know either. Started so long ago I have NO IDEA what this is supposed to even be!!!!! But it's on the needles so I guess it counts. I may rip it out and save that yarn for something else. haha
Above the BEAUTIFUL Lady Eleanor from the book Scarf Style. Why is this not finished?? Um it's a BIG PROJECT!! But it's being left out, now that I pulled it out and I'll start plugging along on it now again. I want it done for Fall. Surely I can finish it by then?!? LOL
And another Hedge Hog started. Not done because I picked up the Lillehammer hat first. He may be a project I take with me to Kentucky this summer.


Sonya said...

More power to ya! I would have kept Lincoln company safely on the ground.

Anonymous said...

So glad it got there safe and sound. I always worry that chocolate won't make it across the border (you know how nefarious chocolate hedgehogs are!).
I'm with sonya - I would have probably stayed with Lincoln.

Matt said...

Love the hat - just printing out the pattern now! I'm ROFLMAO about the "what is it" UFO - too funny! I think I might have one of those around somewhere myself. And Lincoln... smart doggy! We should listen to our 4-legged children more often! ;-)

Nichole said...

shoot - I logged in to matt's google calendar and it must've picked up him, sorry, that was me posting!

Lora said...

I was wondering who that was. LOL!!!

Nichole said...

LOL Btwm did you see the adorable baby hedgehogs on Good Morning America this morning??

shayes74 said...

I would not have been able to hit a tree with a knife if the tree ran into my knife!

Amanda1 said...

I like your camping pictures. Where did you go? We used to camp a lot in our day.

SleepyEyes said...

Love the pic of you and Brent! And, wow...all those projects....coming along GREAT!