Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hey there....I'm still Ky that is. I am waiting right now for Brent to call me from the airport to come and get him. We'll start heading home tomorrow. MAN I'm gonna miss my family. It has been a wonderful visit! A month went by tooooooooooo fast.
Last Sunday the boys and I went out to a park that I thought would be empty, but we were surprised by a band and about a gazillion people packed on the lawn for a free concert from a local band. They were good. I ended up running into my old high school band teacher and his wife. Funny, they look the same as they did back then, didn't age a bit!! Seriously!
The next day the boys, mom and I went to Grinny Possum in Jeffersonville Indiana to shop for yarn. The boys loved all the different spinning wheels they had on display, and Sonya wanted to take the braided fiber behind the boys and give them pig tails. haha!!
In the evening Jake relaxed with Pop-pop.
Tuesday during the day I went to Sonya's house and we had a KID FREE time together. We tackled her sewing machine and I made a project bag for Jill and Sonya worked on a lining for a purse she knitted...oh 18 months ago I guess?? She made it while I still lived in Kentucky. OOPS am I telling on you Sonya?? :) After wrestling the sewing machine, Sonya took me out to lunch at Perkfection. YUM! And then we stopped by Schimpff's Candy store. (OH watch for this to occur again!)
Tuesday night was knitting night AND I got a special visitor, my best friend Tina, from high school. Now that's her nose there to the right of the picture. Can you believe I forgot to get a picture of us together?!?! Ack! Anyway, that's Jill in the green and I made her a project bag out of some AWESOME fabric she picked up locally (Watch etsy for bags from the same fabric, it's knitting related!) Tabitha looks on in the back ground.
Sonya, Tabitha and Stacy and I went to Akiko's Karaoke bar after knitting and well...I was the only one that sang. Stacy put in a song, but had to leave before they got to her. Stacy, they said your name like two songs later after you left. :(And on Wednesday the boys, mom and I went and checked out Schimpff's Candy Store. My goodness the chocolate in there......YUM. They make some very good red hots, which I will be bringing some home and if there's any left I'll bring to Knitting practice on Wednesday night to share. :)
There is a museum on one side of the candy store (in the back ground below) Some very cool OLD boxes of candies.I finished another hedge hog. Got another smaller one going from another pattern (Thanks Heather). Still working on the Bar Harbor Shell Bag and have a sock OTN's for the car ride home. See you from NH on the next post.


Sonya said...

The month did fly bye waaay too fast. I can't believe you are going home already. It was wonderful to have you here. The boys have gotten so big. NH air must be good for them. I will see you soon tho'.

NH Knitting Mama said...

Welcome home to you! Glad you had fun...

shayes74 said...

it was so good to have you back at knitting all month! we have missed you! that figures they called my name 2 songs later, but i got home right at midnight as it was! at least i got to see you sing two :D

you have a safe trip home!!!

Tabitha said...

We will miss you sooooo much! It was great having you back to knit with us! Have a safe trip back to NH! Hope to see ya again soon :)

SleepyEyes said...

I repeat....WE MISS YOU!!!!

And, man, I LOVE that candy store....the pics of the boys in front of it is classic!

Bringing me home somethin' from there?? Hint Hint....