Friday, July 13, 2007

I got the blues... But in a good way!! Jana was my swap partner and she sent me some great goodies

I got some awesome sock yarn, a pez dispenser (of Donkey from Shreck) and cute cute change purse, and the blue thing on the left, when you open it, it's a little manicure kit!! VERY COOL. On the right you'll see blue Kleenex with Popsicles on it. Nathan already tried to open it to get a Popsicle

Jana also sent me her fabric stash.... MY GOODNESS JANA!!! I'm one happy girl right now. There's some awesome fabric in there!

Yesterday the boys, my mom and I went by to see my grandmother. It was nice to visit her. While in NH I call her every Sunday to chat. My dad says that just makes her day! Nathan and Jacob walked in, hugged her, then went straight to the kitchen to get heart shaped suckers.
Outside the Derby Museum and Churchill Downs there are a lot of bricks that were bought and dedicated and such to whomever... This one was kinda sweet. :)
Yeah I know what your thinking. What the heck is Lora doing taking a picture of a truck load of port-a-potties. Well when I tell you why I think a couple of you would agree to stow away in one like I want to do. These are not for Derby, these are not for Oaks. No no, these are port-a-potties brought in for a concert that's going on soon at Churchill Downs. Who's coming in Concert you ask?? Why it's "The Police"!!!!!! Wouldn't that be a FUN concert to go too?!?

Tonight I'm going out with the knitting gals. We are having a knitting slumber/karaoke party. At least I hope Stacy brings the karaoke machine. :):)

Well I have to go now. Nathan is trying to take over every TV in the house with movies HE wants to watch LOL.


Sonya said...

You hit the blue jackpot!!

NH Knitting Mama said...

I think you're secretly planning on staying in KY, aren't you?

SleepyEyes said...

Wow, that stuff if great! And your new fabric stash??? I'm drooling! Will you bring it to group so can fondle it??

Holy Porta Potties!

ErickaJo said...

Ha! Jackie is going to have to tell you about the dream she had, I think.

shayes74 said...

Sorry I didn't bring the karaoke! Hopefully we will get our fix on Tuesday! Loved your new blue stash! FUN!

white oak studio said...

Hi Lora. YAY! I knew you would drop your britches when you saw that fabric. I have a story to tell about the fabric but that will wait. Basically I love the fabric but I am desperately trying to clean out my closets and drawers so I wanted my fabric to HAVE A GOOD HOME! I KNEW you would appreciate it! more soon, Jana