Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Well here we are back in NH. The boys and I have been busy going to the library and to the Free Family Movies at the theater. Yesterday we saw Hookwinked and today we saw Wallace and Gromit and the curse of Were-Rabbit. It's so nice!! We just go and walk in, completely free! How much better can it get?!? OK this much better, we take our own snacky snacks and don't pay out the booty for their snacks!! THAT is how much better! haha. I'm glad that I'm finding good things for the boys and I to do to pass the summer. We plan on getting together with some knitting friends of mine tomorrow for a picnic. That will be nice. I like going places where I can take my kids. Kid friendly places are what I'm looking for this Summer.
Oh yeah...and to the lady who came to the free FAMILY movie that said very loudly "THE MOVIE IS STARTING IT'S TIME TO GET QUIET!" I say HA!! A room full of kids and you think they are going to be quiet?!? Better go to a movie were there are no kids!!! This is a KID FRIENDLY environment! And on that note.... I let my kids comment through out the movie ... AND we sat behind her... tee hee I know.. evil... My parents taught me better, but I bet they're laughing right now! :)

Yeah...Missing my mom and dad and family and friends. I totally enjoyed every day I was home! BIG THANKS to mom and dad for letting us "live" with them while we were there visiting.
I've been doing a little bit of knitting. I'm doing a dish cloth knit-a-long but I'm doing it with a twist. Some of the other gals are doing it itty bitty. Hey I'm all about little cute things! So I'm using my 0000 needles and some DMC Perle' 8 cotton and doing the dish cloth teeny tiny. Wanna see it so far? Sure ya do! There's a quarter so you get the general idea of the size. This should be cute! Can't wait to see what it's a mystery until you're done. :)


Nichole said...

Hey what's this dish cloth along? So cute!
And you go girl... I would've encouraged the boys to chat up a storm! HA. What could she expect from a theater full of KIDS and a FREE movie???

Anonymous said...

Great Job on the MINI.. I'm getting ready to send my kids outside so I can work on mine.
I would have done the same thing to that lady to the movies...
But really what does she expect for a free FAMILY movie..

Anonymous said...

yeah we miss you too. It is ok for our grandkids to talk in the movie but you better not do it!!! dad

Becca said...

yay you home!!
mommy & i planning on coming to kuh-nit on wednesday, i hope. i just hafta remind her... :)

off to NYC for the weekend (audition) - hopefully i'll see you next week!