Wednesday, August 15, 2007

WOO HOO!! Last night I went with my buddy Melissa to a Brandi Carlile/Indigo Girls Concert!! (Eat your heart out Eenie and Scruffy! haha) It was awesome!!!!!!!!! Melissa and I got there early and got in about an hours worth of knitting and people watching. :) A couple drinks and we were ready to go!
Brandi opened the show. I just have to say the Twins, Phil and Tim, that play with her are SUPER CUTE!! The twins just looked like they were having SO MUCH FUN!!
After Brandi was the Indigo Girls. This was my first Indigo Girls concert and I had a great time.
Below is me leaning against the wall...oops I mean the gal that kept backing up into my space. I planted my feet to see how far back she'd come... one point I was kinda leaning on her!! haha!!! I honestly don't think she noticed. Thanks for taking a picture Melissa, no one would have believed us! Don't I look a little sneaky??
This little cute guy greeted me every time I went to the bathroom. Someone drew him on the bathroom stall door and I just thought he was the cutest thing with his ice cream! Yum.
I too two short video's last night so here they are below if you're interested in listening.

Above is Brandi and the Indigo Girls together.

Romeo and Juliette sung by Amy of the Indigo Girls (taped for my friend Karen back in KY)


Melissa said...

WOOOOOWWWWWWW!!! That was one incredible concert, sooooo glad you could go, what a "wicked" blast! The videos came out great - I can't get over the harmonies, Brandi should always tour with the Girls!! See ya tonite and thanks for rescuing my sock :-)

Sonya said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lora~
Great meeting you in the bathroom in Hampton the other nite!! ;O)Melissa told me that you had recorded Romeo and Juliet and sent me to your blog, so I just wanted to send a 'personal' THANKyou!! I am a crazed IG fan (more specifically Amy) and one of my biggest wishes in this lifetime was to see her perform that song, but I missed it cuz I had to leave the concert early~ now i can watch what I missed..wooHOO!! (By the way~ I, too, met the cute little ice cream guy that nite!!)