Sunday, August 19, 2007

One of my Kentucky knitting Sister's entered some of her work in the Kentucky State Fair. She entered 3 pieces and received 2 ribbons.

CONGRATS HOLLY!!! (click here to take a look)

Now jump on over to her blog and check out the pictures.

I'm still knitting along on my Bar Harbor Shell Bag. I hope to have it finished soon with some pictures. I'm also working on a pair of Jaywalker socks with some Lorna's Lace in Purple and Green. SOOOOO pretty!

Yesterday Nathan and I went to Newbury, Mass for a Fiber Revival. There were spinners out the wazoo there. It was a beautiful day and Nathan got to pet an alpaca (he kept calling them llama's, hey he was close!), he saw a horse and a couple goats and a bunny. Julie and Pattie, from Yarn Sellar, were there and Pattie took him on a little walk and they saw a turkey and a chicken. Later when Chris and Ericka showed up Nathan had to take Chris and show him the turkey. I didn't take my camera since the batteries died. I originally went for Heather and support for her, but dang if she didn't need it.....her booth was FOREVER busy!!!! HOW WONDERFUL! So I ended up enjoying the company of Chris, Ericka, Patti and Julie and watching Nathan enjoy a day outside on a farm. He was awesome!

I hope the amount of links makes up for no pictures....maybe next time. :o)


Sonya said...

Sounds like ya'll had a great day.
Would love to have some stuff like that to go to around here.

SleepyEyes said...

Ooh, I wish I could've been there! Sounds like you had so much fun. And congrats to Holly, too. That's fantastic for her.

I'm so happy for Heather!!!

Hey, check out my new gallery blog. your pic is there!!

Holly said...

Awww, thanks Laura! I'm pretty psyched about my ribbons, and I'm going to try to devote most of my knitting this next 11 months to fair knitting for next year.

By the way, I ordered the knit beaded bags book from the woman who designed that little box. I'm so excited!