Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wish You Were Here!!
We went to Hampton Beach yesterday afternoon. The beach was open wide. Some people were there but it was not crowded at all! There was a nice windy breeze. The boys played in the water even though it was freeeeeeeeeezeing. I just walked on the cold sand and one of my toes went numb! Ha Ha!
We ran across some cool sand art. There was a Witch, a pumpkin, and this cool spider. I love Halloween so I just had to get a picture of this.
Brent and I took our own picture because the boys were too busy to snap one. I think the reflection in my glasses of our arms is pretty neat.
I'm so glad fall is here and then I'm not. Fall is my favorite season. There's pretty much one reason it makes me sad too: "FAMILY". October is a busy month for my family back in Kentucky. For example, today (even though it's still Sept) my father's side of the family is gathering for a family reunion. In the next couple weeks my mother's side of the family will gather for a family reunion too. 1 aunt, 7 uncles and all their kids and grand kids and.... let's just say there's lots of people there! Oh if I could only have one of Aunt Lorene's Apple Fritters.....yummmm. I also found out that my Uncle and his family that lives in Florida will be there too and I haven't seen them in a long time!! It's the uncle that Jacob got his middle name from. In addition, the same weekend of my mother's family reunion, my parents host a day in the country for our friends and they have a hayride, play volleyball, fly kites and such on our land in Grayson County, KY. So I guess that's why I'm a tad homesick eh?? Good thing I have two boys and packing to keep me busy during this time.


Sonya said...

I wish I was there! Love the sand art. You and Brent are sooo cute. I would have gotten in the water with them.

shayes74 said...

kids are NEVER cold! even when they shiver and you say "are you cold?" haha

that is a very good self portrait i must say!

and give me directions and i can go crash the fall fun for ya - i love hayrides :D i can wear sunglasses and they will think i'm some long lost relative!

Nichole said...

That's a GREAT photo of the 2 of you... I love the reflection too... very "artsy" photo. NICE!

lera said...

It's hard to live away from family. Especially when they get together and do fun things without you.

The beach looks great, though. It looks like a fun time.

NH Knitting Mama said...

What a nice photo of you and hubby. I'm sorry you'll miss out on the family celebration.

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

The boys look like they may be turning a little blue!! We miss you all not being here in Oct. too.
Great picture of you and Brent.
Everyone is welcome to come to the Hayride Oct. 13. I can send directions. No open fire because of the draught. Guess we will have to use the gas grill. May have to take marshmallow creme to make smores.

Tabitha said...

Kids are so tough!

Very cute beach designs, and I love the pic of you and Brent! So romantic :)