Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Diego and Master Yoda. FUN FUN

Jake strikes a fighting Yoda pose for the camera.
I told Nathan to do something that Diego does, so he looks at his watch then yells "GO RESCUE PACK!!!!!" It was cute!
The city does Trick or Treating on the Sunday afternoon before Halloween. I LOVE IT!! But I think I'm the only person that does. I love seeing the kids in their costumes and know that drivers should be able to see these little ones running around during the light hours. I'm not sure if we'll take them out tonight. I will probably go knitting since I missed it last week, if I can find what ever project I'm knitting at the moment.
Moving went fine and we are in our new place. I am super happy and already feel at home. It's still been nice enough in the afternoons to eat our lunch on the screened in back porch. The neighbors are really nice too. This feels like a Family oriented street, BIG TIME!! All the neighbors seem to know each other and such.
I am also floating on a cloud because this weekend I'm getting away with some friends for the weekend. No kids. Just a bit north of here. Girls weekend away. One of my best friends, Sonya, is coming to NH and going away with me!!! She needs the time away too!!! I can't wait to see someone from home!! HURRY SONYA!


Jackie said...

OMG I LOVE the costumes. Great job mom! Glad you're digging the new place. See you Friday WOOT!

Tabitha said...

I love the costumes! They are so adorable! I'm glad you like your new place, and have fun on you girl's weekend :)

Sarah said...

I'm glad to hear you like the neighborhood so far. Yoda looks pretty intimidating in his pose. Grandview should be fun!

Nichole said...

Great pics!!!
Have fun at Grandview!

lera said...

Diego and Yoda. It can't get any better than that!

Love Yoda's outfit. AND his pose! HA!!!

SleepyEyes said...

Yippeee that you're in! Will you be posting pics of the new home? Can't wait to see it.

Love the costumes....they look so cute!

shayes74 said...

the costumes look great! and the new place sounds wonderful! i didn't get that link to work tho, so i haven't seen it :( have fun with sonya! that is too cool!

Sonya said...
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Sonya said...

I will be there as fast as I can!

Yoda and Diego are the best.