Thursday, October 04, 2007

Really, It makes me smile!

This commercial for Mastercard just gives me a giggle EVERY time, yes, EVERY TIME I see it. There are several different reasons:
1. I can just picture my oldest, Jake, dancing down the hall way with some of his buddies like this.
2. It so dang sweet.
3. And yes, having that someone that just understands you, yes, it's priceless.
4. I think of
Tina when I see this video.

Through the years I've had some great friends. I've probably even danced with a couple of them in the hall ways of good ole Manual High. As I was packing the other day I was going through some old photos. I came across one from my wedding of me and my best friend, Tina. Gosh I miss her! Tina and I met in 9th grade. We've been best friends since then. We have Brent's wedding band on our fingers. In high school I don't recall that we EVER had a class together other than band. We were both band geeks, and played the clarinet. About the only thing Tina and I had in common was we both played the clarinet and we had awesome parents. Other than that, we're pretty different, never had the same taste in boys, never excelled in the same subjects.... But we get it...we get each other. We got "da funk"! Love ya Tina!

The picture below was taken about.......oh 4-5 years ago... We went out to eat with a bunch of other gals from high school that night. I was pregnant with Nathan. Really early at the time. But we had a blast! Apparently seating was limited at the bar and the smoking ban was NOT in effect (note smoker in the back all sassy and stuff). I think my hair was dyed back then...what do you think? LOL Kinda dark eh!!?


shayes74 said...

that commercial IS great! and we met tina at knitting when you were in, right? cool! did i know you played the clarinet? i was an alto sax gal!

Jennifer said...

Cute commercial!

Sonya said...

Great pictures. Yes, we did get to meet her at knitting.

LMardenNH said...

thanks for the giggle - great commercial

NH Knitting Mama said...

Great to hear what a gread friend you have there.

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

I loved the video. Yes I can see Jacob doing that. Pictures brought back sweet memories of you and Tina. Being a band parent with Ruth was a blast.

lera said...

We love that commercial, too. I just played it for my boys and they danced around, singing, and asking for more!