Thursday, December 20, 2007

Embracing the Snow I think most of NH is laughing at me because I'm not realizing the joy about this snow. So tonight, I attempted to embrace the snow, become one with the snow, ENJOY the snow. And... well... I did!! I felt like a kid again!! So I hopped into the snow... knee deep and that's just where I stopped. There's more snow beneath me.

And just to make sure I got the WHOLE embrace the snow sensation, Hubby helped out a bit and PUSHED ME DOWN!! FLAT... I squealed with joy... no wait..that was because the snow went up the back of my shirt a little!! haha But, know what!?!? (sit down Melissa) This Helped!! I am not feeling so enclosed now. It helped to play a little

Here's a fun video of Hubby and I enjoying the snow. We tried to get Jacob to come out and play, but he wasn't too interested. I must have warm blooded kids who don't like snow. Give them time New Hampshire....they'll come around. It's a bit intimidating when some snow drifts are taller than your dad!


Sonya said...

That looked like lots of FUN!
You were very graceful trying to get up. :)
I love the snow and we never ever get a decent amount to be any fun.
Throw a couple snow balls at Brent for me.

Caroline said...

You two are so cute, playing in the snow. How could the kids not want to join you?

Melissa said...

you know what Jacob and Nathan need? those plastic saucers that you go sledding on!! Oh, and there is McIntyre right down the road - we should all go tubing!!!
I am proud of you...jumping in the snow and all!!

Charlene said...

Gee Lora, you'd think you never saw snow before! LOL Remember the 22" Louisville got a few years back? Great fun to watch you two enjoy yourselves. By the way, you're looking great! Have you lost weight?

Jackie said...

OMG you guys are so freaking cute! Too bad the boys didn't want to join in, they'll come around.

Molly said...

Gosh that looks like fun.

I wish it were snowing here...but has to be 55 and raining.

Tomorrow it might be in the 60's...there is something inherently wrong with that...3 days before christmas.


Tabitha said...

That was too cute!! And I have to say, what a great way to spend a night together :) But, it would have been fun throwing one of the kiddos in the snow too, LOL!!
Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

Was it cold? (Was that Brent burping?:-)) The snow looks fresh, like it had just fallen. Looks like lots of fun. I could hear Jacob's voice in the background. Surpise they weren't out too.

LMardenNH said...

yeah - that was a Brent-burp wasn't it? What a may-uhn!!!
Very cute.

Sarah said...

You make snow look sexxy, Lora!

SoccerMomofTwo said...

I'm a NH resident who is also NOT appreciative of this snow! But... the kids do love the sledding and tubing! ENJOY as best you can!