Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Alright. I finally feel like blogging! Today I got OUT of the house with both boys, we went to Barnes and Noble and had a wonderful time! The SUN even cam out after the rain passed and it felt so good to soak up some of the rays (even if we were in the car). Then we went to the Dollar Store and they got some little tablets that dissolve in water and spongy Dinosaurs come out. There's a half hour to myself!! haha!

Also on the fun side of life. I'm hula hooping!! I am having fun with my hula hoop and trying to build up minutes each day.

I also made a sweater for Nathan. This is the Wonderful Wallaby (size 6) in Navy Blue. The yarn is Vanna White's yarn from Michael's. For a kids sweater this is awesome! Washable, and yet still soft!! Sweater started Jan. 18, 2008 finished Jan 27, 2008.

Nathan wasn't so sure about the sweater while I was still in the process of knitting it. He was excited that I was knitting it, but when he put it on, well apparently the fit on the shoulders puzzled him. I explained I still had some knitting to do. And below, the finished sweater with my handsome little man in it! I think it looks great on him. I will admit I totally missed the part in the pattern where it said to do some ribbing around the neck before you knit the hood, but still, the hood works. He doesn't put the hood on too much, but he loves the front pouch/pocket for toys!! Great storage (mental note: check pocket before washing)

Peek a boo!

Now go grab a hoop and "Shake what yer momma gave ya!"


Tabitha said...

AWESOME sweater! It's looks so good on him...makes him look so grown up :)
Good job momma!
Hula hoopin' that's too cool :) I wish I could hula hoop, I suck at it :(

SleepyEyes said...

Wow! He looks adorable in that Wallaby. Isn't that the best pattern ever?? I really should make Ben another one. And you look so cute hooping. I still have to make mine lighter. It's like a friggin brick!

Molly said...

that sweater is awesome. It looks extremely comfy....I had a hoodie addiction right now so, that might explain some of it.

I hope your parents didn't sustain any damage from the storm was bad here...REALLY bad...several trees down up the street.

Sonya said...

The sweater looks great. Who needs some ribbing anyway.

I'm wait for the youtube video of you hula hooping!

Marion said...

Love that sweater on Nathan. He did a great job being a model. Marion

Sarah said...

How many minutes can you do hula hooping?!

shayes74 said...

Ok, I give up knitting. My stuff will never look like that! Cool about the hooping, not sure I could do it anymore!

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

I love the sweater. you did a great job. Nathan is so handsome!!
Love Ya