Friday, January 04, 2008

FO Friday
OK these objects were done before this Friday, but never blogged about. First up are some Thrummed Mittens made from yarn that my mother bought me from her trip to Alaska. These bad boys are nice!! I may need to felt them a bit because they are kinda floppy right now and keep getting caught in the door handle of my car.

Then I finished the Olive Branch Yoga Hoodie. Though mine is Cranberry colored and not Olive. I am SUPER happy with the finished project!! It's very comfy to wear, and I still have two full skeins of yarn left over. What to do.... What to do?? Sewing the zipper in was tricky. Next sweater??.... can you say PULL OVER?!?!

Below is the cable that's on the back of the sweater. I figured not many of you wanted to see it across my behind... OK OK I didn't want my behind on my blog. *smile*

Below are the front pockets on the sweater. I wasn't sure I'd put them on or not at first, but now I am glad I did. They are kinda cute.

And lets cover the issue of this snow crap.... I am tired of it. Seriously, enough is enough. The boys went out one night and played in the snow and started a snowman. Jacob and Nathan just wanted to knock it down, but Brent was determined to have that snow man still standing.

The boys then proceeded to bury Brent in the snow and Nathan got a little crazy and started shoving snow in Brent's face. It was hilarious! (Don't adjust your screens, I used the sepia option on the camera for this shot.)

The neighbors two doors down, I think it's a bunch of college guys (woo hoo come on summer!), built a HUGE snowman! I mean look at it compared to Jacob! It's too funny, they used parts from their Christmas tree to make it have a Mohawk! That thing is so big it should still be around in February when my parents come to visit!

In other snow news, We're waiting for an avalanche. This is the snow on our roof above our back door. It's dripping down on our back steps and freezing back up. Each time we walk out we are scared it's going to fall on one of our heads. Maybe I'll start using the front door.


Jennifer said...

The hoodie looks great! Nice job :) Watch out for those icicles, yikes!

Anonymous said...

Holy Sh*t! I'd definitely start using the front door - those icicles can kill ya!

I'm pretty sick of this snow crap too!

Anonymous said...

p.s. Love the sweater and the mittens!

Sonya said...

Your hoodie is wonderful!
The snow looks like so much fun.

Brave little boy, Nathan.

Becca said...

yay on the pay it forward - send me your address again!

(and nah nah on the snow - no snow here! :P)

shayes74 said...

that sweater is GORGEOUS! and icicles can kill - be careful!

Sarah said...

I can't wait to fondle your hoodie in person!

Loretta *skeeter* said...

Love that sweater.!! wish i had the patience to do knitting lol. I'll trade ya weather.. you can have 60ยบ tomorrow and I'll take all your snow. :( weather sucks here flat out.

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

Are the mitten's warm? You need warm!!! Sweater is lovely, you did a good job. (Not the same color as your hair) ;) Hug the boys for us.

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

Love the sweater. How do you like the mittens? Are they warm? I think you need warm!!!! I would like to have a little snow, but not that much!!
Hug the boys for us.

SleepyEyes said...

Oh, the mittens are soo nice and warm and that pic of you in your sweater is WONDERFUL! Such great snow pics, too. Go FOs!!!