Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Do you have Mitt Envy?? Well I do... or maybe don't... or yeah I do.. but no I don't.

OK here's the deal! I made these awesome fingerless mittens!! They are called "Mitt Envy". So I have them but I don't have mitt envy. (I know..goofy play on words)

The yarn is Koigu KPPPM. and they only took one skein. I have a third mitt done. It was the very first one I did and I totally missed a thumb gusset increase, so rather than rip it out I prayed I had enough in the skien to do the third mitt, and I did...had a bit of yarn left over even!! SO...I have another ball of the same color and I may be making more of these in the same color way and stashing them away for birthday presents or christmas presents or something.

Also, today the boys had dentist appointments. They both had to have work done for icky cavities. Nathan just had one, so he got what they called "The Silver Star" I don't know who was more or him, but he got through it and even tried to show my dad (who he was talking to on the phone) his Silver Star. Jacob had to have more extensive work done, but Brent said that Jacob didn't even feel the stick of the needle when he got the novacaine! I'm pretty impressed with the dentist office we found. I really like the Dentist and his assistants are very patient. The dentist even dug in his special hiding spot for two special little toys for Jacob and Nathan that he had not put out yet for kids to pick! Pretty cool eh?


SleepyEyes said...

Is this your own pattern, Lora? I love them! They're so cute and the color is SO you!

Sonya said...

Very cool mitts!
Glad to hear everyone survived the dentist.

Tabitha said...

I most certainly have "mitt envy"! Those are sooooo cute!

Nichole said...

Oh I love them! And I LOVE the color even more. I just googled the pattern - thanks!

LMardenNH said...

those mitts look so warm... could use them now, since it's only about 56 degrees here at the computer!!!