Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yep, I'm here.

Yep, I still hate snow. Today I was out chipping away the ice on our driveway, ya know, preparing it for more snow tomorrow because, well I don't know why because, but I hurt my neck. I don't know how, but I can't look to the left very fast or zowie momma!! PAIN!


Nathan and I signed up for a Mommy and Me class and he's having a blast! I am enjoying watching him too! They have big inflatable slides and jumpy thingies.

Brent's over the flu (he had it last week around Valentine's day. um yeah, don't kiss me...) and luckily neither of the boys have it yet. I haven't either, but sure as I hit post on this blog, I'll wake up with something to go along with my stiff neck.

Guess it sounds like I'm whiny and cranky a bit... well.. I am.. dang snow.

The bright side is MOM AND DAD!! They will be here this time next week. I can not wait to see them!! Haven't seen them since July. Wish they could tuck the nieces and nephew in the suit cases and bring them. :)

Nathan and I were talking about his name last night while we were playing a game. I asked him what his name was and he told me his first name and last name. I said his name again but inserted his middle name. He looks at me and quickly says "No Mommy! I'm not whining!!" Guess he's caught on that I only use THAT full name gig when he's whining. LOL!! I laughed at that.

Jacob's doing well. Not much to write that's funny about him. He's your typical 7 year old.

I bought a journal. One to write funny things in that the kids say that I think are cute or funny. It's small enough to fit in my purse. to read a bit, go to bed only to wake up to see what the snow has in store for me tomorrow. I know I won't be shoveling if my neck is still acting up.

Can someone shoot me some 70 degree weather...even if only for an hour or so to melt the crap off my driveway and sidewalks?

OMG and I'm so with Melissa on the pot hole issue!!! Seriously Manchester...there's some out there I think my car would fit in!! YIKES!!!!

Please hurry Spring. I need to thaw out.


Gigi said...

That slide looks like so much fun. Tell me you weren't tempted to go down it, too... =-D

Charlene said...

I left 70+ and sunny weather in Tucson to come home to ice storms and below 30. Sorry, no can help on the weather in your area! LOL I loved snow in Michigan and Vermont, made for great skiing and snowmobile riding. Not an option here, of course, so am glad we don't have to deal with it often. Sounds like a muscle strain on the neck...put a cold pack on it! Glad Mom & Dad are coming to relieve your homesickness.

SleepyEyes said...

OH, I hope your neck feels better soon! Neck pain is so horrible. Do you think you slept wrong? Or maybe held it in a bad position while you were knitting? I do that ALL the time!

P.S. I have an almost EXACT pic of Ben coming down one of those slides. They go sooo fast!

Caroline said...

I'm sorry I'll miss your folks but I'll send warm thoughts back to you during my vacation. It may not seem like it but spring will come. And I'm with you and Melissa on the potholes; we've got one on my road that almost reaches across the whole lane.

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

We have had ice here. Got out of school early Wed and two hr. delay on Thur. It is still really cold.
Can't wait to see all of you.

Mamarox said...

Oh sweetie! Welcome to February in the North. Yes, it sucks big time. We have had more cold, less snow lately but it bites big time. Crank the tunes and shake what your mama gave you. Remember, spring is around the corner (she says with voice dripping with sarcasm) Here, have a mudslide witrh whipped creme...

shayes74 said...

that's hilarious about the middle name! do they have a mommy and me class here? my niece had the flu too YUCK! thankfully her 4 brothers/sisters didn't follow her! not her mom/dad...anyway, sounds like you are all over the cuteness of snow! i have spring fever myself...happy visit with your folks!