Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's still snowing here in NH. Not as much as it has been, but it's still spitting here and there. So how fitting is it that I make a cute little (he's not so little) penguin! Sad part is, this penguin gets to go to Florida. Can I be a penguin too?? This is a Fiber Trends Pattern and I used Paton's Classic Merino Wool and Lion Brand Fun Fur and the orange yarn was Nature Spun Wool. He has Orange eyes and is Super Snugly!! ENJOY JESSICA!! (that's who it's for)
Also on the finished list is a Neck Cozy for a swap. I doubt the person receiving this reads my blog, but if she does, that's ok too. :) This is going to Canada, and as far as spring goes...I don't think it's coming too soon so it will probably get some use!
This is an up close of the cable going around. This is made with Jiffy Quick and Thick yarn. Thanks Jackie for the skein!
We received a package yesterday from Jacob and Nathan's great grandpa and grandma in Indiana. Lots of candy goodness inside! Jacob looks happy...Nathan looks bothered and bored.
But after we opened the box, happiness and sugar rushes took over! :)
Hopefully I'll have some Esty shop updates soon. I have some keychains/wristlets in the making as you read this.


Sonya said...

My neck feels warmer just looking at that cozy.
Love the penguin. Sugar always perks you up. Just hope it is not too much :)

Charlene said...

That penguin is adorable! Let me know when you have one for sale - for me! And the scarf/neck cozy is terrific. No doubt your Canuck friend will enjoy it immensely. No snow here! Just 5" rain so far :(

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

I love the penquin. Great EASTER gifts. I like the scarf too. All we have here is rain.

shayes74 said...

how fun to get a package :D that penguin is friggin adorable! i finished my turtle, but i must say it does not look like one you could buy in a store LOL...i think audrey will love it anyway! come on spring!

Julie said...

You can just stuff me right in the package with that adorable penguin and send me to Florida with him. I'm sick of the weather around here.

I love your neckwarmer too; what pattern is is?

Gigi said...

Love the penguin. You make such cute stuffed animals. Maybe when he goes to Florida he'll send us back some sun and warmth?

Jennifer said...

Sugar rush!! Has been happening in my house this week too :) LOVE the penguin!