Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Super quick knit! These are coffee sleeves, but I didn't have a Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts cup to model with them, so my diet Coke helped out.
You can find the pattern here. I knit both of these up yesterday. They took about an hour each. They are going in to a coffee themed raffle basket at Jacob's school.

I found some of my old coffee rubber stamps and made a little card that told what they were. Surely any coffee lover would know!! I also put the washing instructions on the back. I used scrap yarn left over from other projects. One is totally washable, but one was 100% wool, so I just put to hand wash both of them to be on the safe side.
Thanks to everyone for the great comments on my hair! I washed it today and styled it myself and didn't do half bad!!! It still looks good. A LOT less shampoo was used that's for sure. The stylist put something on my hair called "Silk Drops" to give it a shine, so I think I might need to get something like that.


Sonya said...

Those are really neat. Could be a PIF item, thanks for the link.

Gigi said...

The cozies are adorable. They will be such a treat for the basket winner!

shayes74 said...

your hair looks FABULOUS! oh, and those look like beer cozies to me :D but seeing as i can't have beer or coffee right now...yum coke!

SleepyEyes said...

Very cute holders, Lora!