Wednesday, April 30, 2008

**swallow your coffee, use the bathroom, This is a warning. This is a spewable/laughable pee in your pants post**

Kids are entertaining. Kids say the darnedest things... and so on.
Being the mother of two boys, ages 7 and 4, is a fun job.

So what's the disclaimer above about?? Your not laughing yet? OK here's the story.
Last night I got the ole visit from old Aunt Agnes and wasn't quite prepared. You know what I'm talking about. So explained to the boys I needed to go to the store for "girlie things", that's exactly what I said. I HAD to take the boys because Hubby is out of town. (Seriously I thought about calling someone to come over so I could go alone but I thought, nahhhh)
So we get to the store and I'm standing there picking out my "girlie things" and Nathan LOUDLY asks "CAN I HOLD THE BAND AIDS??"
Quietly I answer "Yes."
So then off to the counter to pay with all the "girlie things" and Nathan plops the "band aids" on the counter and announces again (and still loud, why don't children come with a volume knob?) "I HAVE THE BAND AIDS." and I get a comical look from the check out gal. I simply smile, pay for my things and leave. Guess who wants to carry the band aids.....
ANYWAY... so we are in the car on the ride home. Jacob asks me "Mom what are those things for?"
I tell him that I have a little bit of a tummy ache and those things will help me feel better (yeah right... work with me, I don't want to tell him too much).
He then says "A tummy ache, well, shouldn't you be puking by now??"
Me: "Um...I'm not that sick!!" What is he thinking????
SO... yeah it goes on more. We get home and we are going in the back door and Nathan is all kinds of excited, "MOM! Can I help you put the band aids on?!?!"
Me: "Um....NO!"

Jacob: "Can I help?"
Me: "NO...I can take care of myself."
I had tears rolling down my face. Those two made that trip so fun. I mean have any of you ever had that much fun buying "girlie things"??
I love my boys!!


Chris said...

Save this post for when they get through sex ed!

Tabitha said...

That is so funny, it reminds me of the America's Funniest Video episodes, where the boys find a tampon (still in the cardboard) and are playing with it, the mom asks what do you have...they say "I think it a stick of dynamite!!" I laughed my butt off!!!!! You gotta love kids! LOL!

yarnophiliac said...

lmao... amazing how kids think everything can be fixed w/ band aids, huh?

Sonya said...

hahahehe big grin! :)

shayes74 said...

that was hilarious! my goodness are they really 7 and 4 already?? time flies! maybe they'll ask daddy for an explanation LOL

Melissa said...

So I'm in Target this afternoon walking behind this family, and the dad joins them and asks the oldest kid what she bought, and as she is telling him, a younger sister pipes up and says "I got band-aids". omg, I had to leave the store I was laffin so hard!!!

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

Lora, thank goodness you have a sense of humor. I think you have more than I did with you and Scott. I love it and you always brighten my day!! I can just see Nathan and Jacob saying these things. :)

Gigi said...

Thanks for the warning! Don't you just love sweet helpful children?!