Thursday, July 03, 2008

We are having a good time in Kentucky so far. The weather has been nice and really not that humid so far, but looking outside today, it looks like rain and things might be taking a turn. UGH Hello frizzy hair! haha
The boys are enjoying their time with their cousin's. We spent the day with them yesterday. My nephew, Luke, cracks me up!! At one point yesterday, he told me out of the blue "I love you" I swear that kid is sweeter than sugar! That boy never hushes either... if he's not talking, he's singing! Adorable!
I have yet to make it to a yarn shop!! OH THE HORROR OF IT ALL! But in time we'll get to a couple.
Tonight the boys are staying over at my brother's house and Brent and I will have some time alone! We'll probably crash at 8:30 and sleep until 11 am. Yeah...we're wild that way! We went out to dinner last night with his mom and her husband. After dinner they took the boys back to their house for awhile and Brent and I got to stroll along Bardstown Rd. One of our favorite things to do! We stopped in and saw Rodney at Twisted Images. He is the tattoo artist that has done most of our work that we have on us. He's moved the business into a new building and I really love the character of the place. It's an older house in the Highlands and it just feels neat in there. I can't explain what it is, but I like it!
I had my favorite breakfast today!!!! I have not had this probably since we moved to New Hampshire!! BISCUITS AND GRAVY!!! Oh the beauty of B&G!! LOVE IT!
I'm still knitting on my Lisha Scarf and loving every minute of it! If you haven't check it out, jump on over to Gina's blog and buy yourself a copy! It's a beautiful project! Check out her recent podcast too. I need to download it and listen to it....but we are never still for long, but I'm sure soon we'll putter out and relax! haha!
Melissa, give our Lincoln a big hug from us and tell him we haven't forgotten him and the family keeps asking about him. :)

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SleepyEyes said...

We missed you at knitting last night! Amanda is back from Germany and we all pigged out on German chocolate! (and Kindereggs) She even showed us a picture of the Penis/Hand ring, which you HAVE to see.

Thanks for the scarf plug! Did you see the pattern on Lime and Violet's Daily chum??? It's awesome!