Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Fun!

Wow this has been the busiest weekend of our lives since we moved here to New Hampshire. And let me tell you, It has been WONDERFUL!!!!!! I almost don't know where to start. How about with Zeland. That's the big fella with Brent in the picture below. We are dog sitting this weekend and this 3 year old German shep. mix has won us over. Yes, Yes, even me, the one who claims not to be a big animal person. Hey Melissa, now I know how you feel when we come and take Lincoln home. We are SO going to miss this boy!

On Saturday we went to Tokyo Joe's Studio for their annual open house. The boys had a great time. Jacob even got in on the fun and jumped in to take a turn on the dunking booth.
He is always prepared when it comes to going under water.
Nathan got in on the fun by throwing the balls and dunking people. I think he left the dunking booth a couple times to play on the other jumpy blowup things, but always came back to the dunking booth.
Brent and a couple of other "kids" took a turn in the jumping cage. They were doing flips and such. Yes it's true, boys will be boys!!
Saturday after the open house we went home and met up with my good friend Caroline. We crashed her sister's pad and went swimming in her pool. COLD COLD water! Nathan swam until his lips were blue. We had to make him get out. He loved it! Later that evening we went out to dinner with Caroline.
On Sunday I took advantage of Brent having a Sunday morning off from working out at Tokyo Joe's and went to The Yarn and Fiber store in Derry, NH. Gina was working so a couple of the Manchvegas Knitters decided to go keep her company (ok ok I called and harassed a couple of them to remember to meet me there, but watch, they'll be ever so thankful I did!)
Jackie finished a sweater she had been working on and she picked out the coolest Skull buttons to put on it. I think I want some of those buttons for the sweater I'm working on. Brent says things are only cool if they have skulls on them. So I want a cool sweater. LOL
After knitting for awhile on this beautiful Sunday, some people walked in and the girl was holding a dog. Um, HELLO, didn't you see the sign that say "No Pets..." wait a minute, HEY THAT'S BOB FROM RAVELRY!!! Ok, forget the sign and GET IN HERE!! He was with Casey and Jess and two of their friends on a road trip to somewhere north of us in NH. We had the most enjoyable visit with the five of them!! Casey and Steven (one of the friends) came in a sat at the table where we were knitting/munching on goodies, and talked with us, while Jess and, oh forgive me I've forgotten Steven's wife's name, shopped around the store. Bob tested out his four legs on the carpeted area and seemed to be enjoying the traction he got on the carpet and was like a flash zooming around the room!! (See, I told you the gals would be happy I called them about coming out to knit.)
In the picture below from left to right: Jackie, Caroline, (blogless) Amanda, Bob, Jess, Gina, Me and Casey.

After the enjoyable morning and early afternoon at Y&F, I went to the grocery. Was NOT looking forward to that because Sundays were always crowded at the grocery, and I still find it comical when the REM song comes over the speakers playing Shiny Happy People, but these people are far from happy and even FARTHER from shiny when the grocery is that packed. (That song always comes on when I'm at the grocery....ALWAYS!) But being a holiday weekend, I guess most people were gone because I was able to enjoy my REM song with out a lot of people at the store!
I got home and got the groceries put away and then the boys and I went back down to see Caroline at her sister's house and we invaded the pool again. This time both boys swam until they were shivering. I took the chance to sit back and relax since Caroline was taking a dip. The kids ENJOYED playing with Caroline. After swimming I walked Nathan back to the house and grabbed my knitting and went back to hang with Caroline and knit. It was the perfect afternoon to sit and knit.
Isn't Caroline's penguin too cute!! It's a bag and there's a grommet in the back to thread your yarn through so your yarn ball stays clean and doesn't roll away!
I started a sweater yesterday morning at Yarn and Fiber. Below is how for I had gotten for the day. I'm loving that big fat Cable!!

And finally, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!!!!!! Wish I could be with you all to celebrate. Hope you have a great day!


Jackie said...

Man you sure can pack a lot into a weekend!

Thanks again for calling my Sunday morning. Man, I would have been kicking myself if I missed that!

tata said...

What a cool weekend you had! How neat that you met BOB! Very cool. And your cable looks great.

I had a great weekend, too. I hung out with Sonya and her family all weekend!

Sonya said...

Wow! That is so cool that you got to meet Bob (and his people). Did you keep telling them how cool Ravelry is and it is the best thing since sliced bread?
I am glad to had such a good weekend.

Gigi said...

Woot! What a busy and fun weekend you had. Still cannot believe Bob, Jess, and Casey showed up out of the blue. (I must admit I'm a bit green!) Enjoy the last of the weekend. =-)

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

Thanks. It is not over yet. If I can get your dad to wake up out of his easy chair, we may go out to eat.
Busy for us too. Country was busy with Scott's. Jacob and Nathan had a fun weekend! Sweet dog. How exciting to meet the Ravelry gang!!!

emmy said...

How cool was that?!!? to meet Bob, Jess and Casey like that?!! You were hanging out with celebrities. How was the store? I orderd my Dream In Color Classy for my February Sweater from them- they were so very nice on the phone when I called to change the color!

The pool sounded like lots of fun too!

Nichole said...

I'm so jealous you got to hang with Bob!

shayes74 said...

my my! what a FUN weekend! love all the pics :D