Thursday, October 30, 2008

My boys are SO funny!

If you know me and my boys, you know there is ALWAYS something going on that is down right hysterical, odd and or simply funny.
Last night was no different.
Big thanks to Caroline for breaking up the madness in my house, or maybe adding to it, while Brent is away for work.
Caroline stopped by and had little gifts for the boys. Magic Tricks!!
Of course an impromptu Magic Show was put on and Caroline and I sat on the couch in tears!! They were so funny!
I would share with you the hilarity of it all, but really, you had to be here. You just had to be here, Right Caroline?
Even after Caroline left, Nathan was in the living room doing his magic show for no one sitting on the couch.
It's good to laugh with friends.
Thanks Caroline, I needed that last night!


David Breth said...


"magic" show with no one ... hummmmm ... keep us in mind - - for up and coming events.

(443) 866-2758

Sonya said...

I bet it was hysterical.

Caroline said...

I had a good time too. I wasn't sure if I was doing you any favors with those magic tricks. Your boys were too funny.

yarnophiliac said...

aww video! glad you guys are havin fun!

Lisa said...

Nothing like good friends and funny boys. (I have a couple of those, too).

knitseashore said...

We can all use a little laughter! Thanks for sharing!!