Friday, November 07, 2008

Ready for a good time??

Yes it's that time of year again. I pack up every thing related to my knitting and a change of underwear and head off for a weekend with the girls! This year we are heading to Vermont. I am so excited and look for a chance to relax some before next weeks surgery with Nathan! I need the down time after all the phone calls yesterday to the insurance company and dr's office and billing dept of the hospital.
I am riding in the party van again this year. Sarah (who is blogless) will be carting our wine drinking butts up there (bless her heart!). No doubt she'll get us there in record time. OH I say weekend with the girls but there will be one guy there. Boy is he in for a wild weekend. haha. I'm sure he'll get more info than he ever wished over this weekend, but then again, he's used to us.

OH I need to charge the batteries in my camera!
OK. they are on the charger.
I will be making the tequila balls I made in the previous years. I wasn't going to until Sarah told me I couldn't ride in the van unless I made them. pressure there! haha
I'll be working on a sweater and a baby blanket for our friends in Rhode Island.
Hopefully when I get back, I can blog that ONE of those projects got finished. Here's hoping!


emmy said...

have a great weekend! I am heading o!ff to Stitches with the girls and look forward to some knitting and fun times!!

Be careful with "KIU" (knitting under the influence) it my experience it always leads to frogging the next day! :)

Can't wait to read all about it

Sonya said...

Have a wonderful time!!
I wish I was going with you.

emmy said...

HAHA- with all my typos in that message it looks like I have already gotten started on the wine!!

It would be "KUI"

Julie said...

Tequila balls? I've never heard of them but they do sound interesting. ;) Have a great time!

Jackie said...

Shall we tell that you actually knit better under the influence? YAY, crazy drunk knitting WOOT! YAY tequila balls (ismellballs). No, I haven't started drinking yet.

i wish sonya was going too :(

knitseashore said...

Have fun!! Sounds like a blast!

shayes74 said...

i've never heard of tequila balls? are they a big hit? send a recipe my way, i would love to see what they are...