Sunday, February 08, 2009

In the Sticks.

Mom and Dad went down to Grayson Co. Kentucky yesterday to our little second home. It's just a trailer, but the memories from there are probably in the millions!!! As some of you know, Kentucky was hit with a bad ice store and the area where my family is was not spared. Some of my family just got their power back yesterday. Mom said that her and dad worked for 5 hours straight and hauled 8 loads of sticks/branches to the back of the lot. Mom and dad have over 5 acres of land that they inherited from my mother's parents. The surrounding lots of land belong to other family members who also inherited the land or bought it off other family. On a funny note: Lacey hopes to inherit this land from Mom and Dad. She LOVES it down there!!
It's good to know that the power is slowly coming back to the family and they are all still doing OK.
Dad and one of the many loads of branches.

Front yard with all the limbs and branches down.
More of the front yard. There aren't as many trees in the back of the lot.
More of the front yard.
I love this front yard. Many things have happened in this front yard.
Volley ball games, family reunions, blow up swimming pools, my kids and Scott's riding around on a Little Tykes Hummer/Jeep for HOURS, Scott and I riding on the lawn mower for hours (we didn't have a Jeep or Hummer!), playing Frisbee, football, hayrides with friends.
Man that yard has had some fun!


Sonya said...

Be careful you are going to make yourself really homesick.

I hope they are able to get it all cleaned up soon.

Molly said...

yup that is aboutwhat it looked like all over the state, replace those sticks in your picture with pine boughs and the trailer with a tri-level and you have my yard :)